Chapter 2- Realising the ImpossibleMature

I woke up in a hospital bed. Green sheets, green pillow, ugh, even green cloths. Not that I don't like green, just that shade, like lime, turning my face just as it would by taste. I look up as my vision becomes clearer and I see two figures, both girls, and both who I'd seen the day before, Emma and Jess. 'How're you feeling?' Asked Emma looking genuinely concerned. 'Not bad, not good, actually, kinda funny,' I reply. They chuckled. 'Thinking about it, what exactly did happen?' I asked, 'I mean, I don't really remember anything except a bright light or something after school.' As I say this I motion with my hand which causes, much to our surprise, a bright green sheet to appear in the air. We all stare. For a while. And then, 'Quick shut the thingy!' Emma stares. 'Curtain! She means Curtain!' I rush. 'Yes! CURTUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!' Emma quickly moves and pulls all three around in a quick speed. She then pops round the side and explains, 'He feels a bit like a makeover and my boss can't work without privacy.' She turns to see me attempt to touch the green slate which causes it to fly up into the ceiling, causing a power outage. 'Now can you all please go!' She shouts. And thank goodness, the doctor leaves, with only the three of us to talk privately. I carefully and slowly lower my hands to my sides and ask, 'Anyone else or just me?' Once again, silence. Until, 'I didn't know how to react!' This came from a rather panicked Emma with her hand on top of her hat. In order to demonstrate what she meant, she lifted her hat to show us...

...He hair. 'What?' I said. No abnormalities anywhere I could see, only her hair, sleek and dark, resting on her head. 'Well what about you Jess?' I turn to her, no arms of course, and she replies, quite cockily I might add, 'Nope! Everything just fine!' And she leans on the wall. And falls through it to reveal a rather shocked pair of nurses in the room next to us. 'Aaaaah!' Cries an embarrassed Emma as Jess staggers to her feet. She covers her eyes in fear, as if the nurses' eye contact would turn her to stone, and even more shockingly, the concrete slab from the wall was reslotted- by her hair! As we both stared in shock, her tentacle of darkness whipped back on top of her head. She looked up and said, 'Oh, did I do that?'


Stepping out into the strong Saturday sun, we said nothing. Nothing to each other and nothing to anyone else. Instead we all walked, like motionless robots, down the road into school. We carried this walk on down the corridor of the school and into the biology class which was silent anyway. 'You three are finally here now are ya?' Cried our Irish Biology teacher. It seemed to snap us back into our senses. 'What's your excuse this time then this time Jessica?' He turned to a now cocky looking girl who said calmy, 'Oh I don't have one really. All that happened was I busted down a wall and then replaced it with a friend of mines moving hair and then fused a hospital with a flying sheet of aluminium while seeing my sick friend and talking about daily issues.' He pulled a smirk, 'Ya know gal, that's going on my top list of excuses along with 'I was abducted by a wild beast in the class before,' from Joe there or, 'I was trapped inside a mirror!' From Lucy there in there in the corner. She sighed with relief. The good thing was that although Mr McPileon was strict, he was also a guy with a sense of humour, which I didn't think was possible for a science teacher! That soon went though, unlike the remaining half our of a lesson.

Later on, when I got home, I saw Danny slumped on the couch watching Jeremy Kyle. 'Bout time little bro,' He shouted. Damn, thought I'd done a good enough job of sneaking back in on my own. Guess I need more practice. I didn't say anything to him and instead went into the kitchen for a snack. Toast always does me. As I'm watching the bread cook he comes in to see me, or taunt as I usually suspect. 'Finally got up then?' I said to him, 'You know, you'll never pass your A levels if you never get in school.' He groaned, 'Ugh you sound like one of those bossy parents in those crappy soaps!'

'Coz Jeremy Kyle is so much better.'

'Than listening to you sometime? Yes.' He chuckles, 'So why the long face? That Jess girl finally put out for you?' Despite not taking his education seriously, he was still good at telling what mood I was in and was a pretty good brother. 'We're not going out--' He interrupts, 'Well maybe you should! I mean, 16 years old and you've never been ki--' This time I'm the one to interrupt. 'Yeah I know you don't have to remind me.' The thought of that always depresses me. Thinking I'd steered the convostation away from it's original destination I walk off with my buttered toast up the stairs before hearing, 'And the first question?' His tone was stern. 'No kids better have been teasin' my little bro.' I slump back down and take a seat next to him. Would he believe me if I told him? ... No. I should probably show him. I hold up my hand and then move it, feeling a power leaving my hand and seeing it being displayed for all to see. My brother changes his usually laid back look into a look of shock. 'Oh shit! That's like-- That's like some crazy star wars shit right there!' Remembering he is the responsible one, he returns to his usual expression and keeps quiet for a while, taking in what he'd just witnessed. Finally he opened his mouth. 'Anyone else know about this?' He asks scratching his brown fringe. 'Only Jess and this girl called Emma.' He gives a smirk. 'Emma, eh?' He jokes and I shake my head to which he returns an exhausted groan. 'Alright,' He said. 'What?' I reply. He stands up dramatically. 'What are you doing?' I ask. 'He points out his finger across the room and shouts, 'Well have no fear. Know why? Coz Danny Masterson is getting back to his education!'

'Who are you talking to? I'm over here!

The End

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