Chapter One- AwakeningMature

'Just don't get in my way again, yeah?'

'Ok, yes, I'm sorry.'

As I pick up my books, he shoots me one last dirty and then storms off down the corridor. 'What was that about?' Says Jess. And there she was, best friend for about three years now. To be honest, I thought of her more of a sister. Even though I was a lot taller than her, we both agreed that she was definitely the stronger willed of the two of us. She bends down onto her gery trouser covered knees. 'He give you any beef?' She questioned me like a detective. I laugh it off. 'What are you like 40?' I chuckle. She twists her head in confusion. 'Beef?' I say. She passes me the books. 'I always say that!' She replies. 'Doesn't make it any less funny though,' I pull a tongue out at her. 'Nyee!' She pulls one back. We are also ridiculously childish by the way. Some people even say that we'd be going out if it wasn't for our immaturity! 'What's next then?' She asks me. 'Spanis--' Just before I could finish, Jemma McCortso throws her elbow into Jess' side. She turns with rage to see a humoured Jemma. 'Oh sorry, my elbow slipped,' She sniggered. Jess takes deep breaths and turns back round. 'Have you ever noticed she always has a sun burn on her neck?' I wonder. Next thing, a round of about 20 exercise books smack Jemma on the back of her head. She yells and turns to see an enraged Jess with the ammunition of about 20 more. 'Run!' She yells to her other friends and the flock flew down the corridor. 'Nice one!' We congratulate, 'But where did you even get those from?'


End of class, end of the day and I wave Jess goodbye. As I go, I see Emma plonk herself down on the wall outside school with her usual blue hat. Even though she was new, I felt I had got to know her mannorisms. 'Hi,' I say. She turns, surprised, 'Hey.' Quick, something to say before this get awkward. 'Can I keep you company for a bit?' I ask. 'Um, sure!' Comes the reply. And then we talk about things. Things like friends, boys, girls, rumours, the usual school gossip and whatnot. Finally, I decide it's time to go so I bid her a friendly, 'adios' and set off for the journey home.


'I really didn't like it today when you assaulted me with those books.' Jemma and her mates towered above me. I wasn't scared. 'So what you gonna do about it?' I comeback. She brings out her boyfriend, about 6 foot tall. Now I'm scared.


I get home and get into the bathroom. 'Now wash your hair 'cuz we're going out tonight! I have a business meeting and I want you to come too!' This is not what I wanted to hear. I groan and then turn the lock and do as I am told.


The traffic really was busy at this time of day. Really was naïve of me to leave getting home this late. My phone then shouts at me. It was my brother ordering me to get home. Yeah well, I'm on the final stretch!


'Come on, fight me little girl!' He taunts. No one calls me little girl. My fists clench.

I fill the tap with luke warm water and remove my hat. I place my hands around the sink.

I text a reply to Danny.

When I turn to see a car, travelling at the speed of light, blasting me for not being right by standing in the road, I'm shocked, I put my hands out and...


The End

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