I sit facing the road. Busy as usual. The blue hat covering my hair sat still and motionless as if sunbathing on my head. Understandable. Weather wasn't usually this good in October. After a while, I would count the on going cars and comment on their colours to myself:

Car 63- Red.

Car 74- Silver.

Cars 85- Red again.

Car 86- Oh, a motorbike.

And on that very motorbike rode a high school student, about two years older than me, wearing a black leather jacket with grey and unprotected hair flying with the thrusting force of the bike. I carried on watching, losing count of the cars flowing by like small rocks in a straightened river. Then, he turned and our eyes met. In this second, I saw that his were blue. A dark blue. But then he turned and focused on his driving. It was silly of me to be staring at him so long, I soon realise. And with this thought I hear a car shout, demanding my attention. It's controller, my Mother and Sister, both twenty minutes late. 'Come on love, get it!' She shouts.

The End

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