Chapter 1Mature

I'm Tom. I'm quite tall, brown eyes, brown hair and have lots of unique talents. For example, I can play the piano, I can swim well and I do lots of other things; some of which I show off and some of which that I try to hide away as they're not your usual type of talent. I go to this small but well developed school, mixed secondry and full of suprises.

Today, it's the first day of year 11. I haven't been in touch with my frieds all holiday but I can't wait to see them. There's Johnny who seems more cheeky chappy than studious student, Katie who's obsessed with her music and dance and never leaves the house without her big blue headphones. There's Ricky who is as bright as a cardboard box (in nice terms) and then there's Jess, my sister from another tiem that always makes me laugh and can tell if something's wrong by just looking at me.

We're a pretty tight group of friends and it's fun being together. However, over the summer, it feels like they've been awkward about speaking to me. Still, I can't wait to see them again and on that note, it's time to start walking to school.

The End

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