Shadow Venom

Black claws reached out towards my face, I had time to see red, murderous eyes before I tried to turn away, but the claws caught my face and scraped over my left eye lid.

"LuLu!" Blix cried as she lauched herself at the creature in a blur of ice. The creature was trying to turn around, hissing as Blix swooped over it's head. The creatures claws scraped a big dent in the ground from it's momentome. The first seen curious eyes were now full of murder as it turned towards Blix, who had landed on a, now ice covered, tree branch. The creature leapt at her trying to bring the branch down.

"Goddamn it bird don't call me that" I whispered under my breath as I clutched my eye. Blood seeped through my fingers and became matted in my hair. My body was on fire, slowly spreading through my system.
ugh... venom
I thought to my self trying to grab a tree trunk as I stumbled into the under bushes still clutching my bleeding head wound.

Crying out in pain as the venom spread further. I reached out blindly and over balanced, falling down a small ditch landing on my back moaning in pain as my whole body burned. I was still clutching my left eye, white spots appeared in my vision.

I lay still for a few moments, acutely aware of the venom burning in my blood stream. The scratch over my eyes burnt the hottest. My hand gripped tighter over my wound trying to lessen the bleeding, however it just caused the knife of pain to slash through my mind. Feeling my concionus slip away I gritted my teeth and dug my hand into the wound, causing myself to cry out in pain,

"No! I can't black out" I gasped, the blackness being obliterated in a white hot flash of pain.

Aww, and I was hoping for some fun. Mocked a childish voice in my head.

"No! You can stay there and rot in hell" I cried back weakly.

Oh come now LuLu, that was mean. I'm almost offended. The voice whined, as a cold hand seemed to grip my stomach.

"Don't call me that you monster!" I moaned as, with my free hand, I dug my nails into the soil.

Aww. Poor little LuLu! Tryin' to still fight me?

"Yes! Until my last breath you demon!"

Oh, well that's too bad because it seems that I'll take over anytime. The imaginary hand tightened around my stomach.

"No! Get out of my head!" I clutched my eye tighter and waved my other hand feebly above my head as if trying to swipe away someone.

"NO!" I screamed again, arching my back and waving my hand frantically. Lashing out blindly.

The End

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