Skies Of The Night

Sunlight streamed through the leaves, I lifted my hand as a butterfly lannded on it. I watched the wings flap in and out, the wings where a blue metalic colour with black out lines.
I brought it up to my face and saw the fuzzy body, it touched my nose with it's antenna. Wings opened as it flapped away, I lifted my head and saw something sitting on the branch above me.
Red eyes watched me closely, I twisted my hand behind my back and got a hold of the hilt there. I slowly withdrew it but the creature in the trees didn't moved, it just turned it's head and pricked up it's ears as if it was curious by what it saw.

'Blix ascend from the sky of night' I whispered under my breath, letting the sword slide back. The creature tensed it's whole body as a gust of wind blew through the trees, I felt something rest on my left shoulder.

'Took your time this time, didn't you Blix?'

'I'm sorry but you did tell me that I could go and hunt.' The voice sounded like the wind before a storm, gentel but a warning of danger.

'Two shay' I said back not taking my eyes of the creature still sitting on it's rump in the trees, it had drawn back a bit turning it's ears down and trying to act like it wasn't there.

'Gosh my wings hurt, you need to call me out more" Blix moaned on my shoulder.

'Well, you told me not to call you as often.' I replied glancing at Blix from the corner of my eye. Blix was a Thunderbird, she had misty blue feathers, and wings that had the same span as my arms, each of her wing tips ended in icicles that were sharp enough to tear skin. On her head sat more icicles that stuck up like ears, her tail ended in twelve or so long feathers and some where tipped with smaller feathers that created a kind of fan affect. Her eyes were icy blue and her beak was curved at the tip and was a navy blue. What ever she touched would get frozen over with a thin sheet of ice, apart from me.

'Fine, fine can we not do this now.' She said back, ruffling her feathers, causing small chips of ice to fly.

'Well I didn't start it so it makes no difference to me.' I said back, she bit my ears for that. I rubbed the stinging tip as I whispered

'God accursed bird, such a hot head, surprising she don't melt.' She glared at me, her beak looking very sharp.

'What was that?' She growled. I swear if looks cold freez things hell would be a snow dome.

'Nothing. Anyway don't we have better things to do?' I glanced back at the tree but the creature had dissapeared.

'What? Where did it go?' I said as I looked harder at the spot where it had been a minuet ago.

A bush rustled behind me, I span round in time to see red glowing eyes and black claws reaching out at me.

The End

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