Aaron - Chapter One

A young boy from Delphi has been having bad dreams about being chased. Whilst he seems to be getting more and more of these dreams, three unsavoury characters appear in his life and they all want to keep hold of him for different purposes.

Written by user and a housemate. I will credit her paragraphs.

You know that sound when you can hear your heartbeat banging in your head because you've been running too hard? Have you ever had that feeling whilst a mad woman is chasing after you holding what I could only describe as a magic stick? No, neither have I, but today seemed to be the exception to that rule.

I skidded around a corner of a wall in Delphi in Greece, my hometown and almost ran into the statue of Apollo that stood in the centre of the town. It's a huge, bronze statue outside the temple that still stands there for the god. Of course, Greek gods don't exist, but I guess out of all of them, being able to control light and stuff would be pretty cool.

The mad woman behind me had caught up to me and as she grabbed my arm, it felt as if the whole world was suddenly tumbling from me and I woke up in my bed.

Everyone has nightmares. It's a fact. Ghosts, demons, murderers, monsters under the bed. All of them have creeped into your dreams before. Mine tend to be about people chasing me. I'm not sure why. The night before I had a dream about a guy with really dark eyes and he was just watching me from a window. It was somewhere in Delphi but I didn't know the place. He was dressed in dark clothes and he just stood watching me.

My mum says I play too many computer games and I have an over-active imagination. She could be right but they seem to be happening a lot recently. Always running or being watched.

I made my way downstairs and peered out of the window in the kitchen, looking out to see the whole of Delphi. I live on top of a big hill so it's always a good view. I get to see the sun rise and set too which is always good.

It's just me and my mum in this big old house. My dad disappeared before I was born. I get cards from him for my birthday but I never see him. It's always of Apollo. I think he's big into Mythology or history or something. I don't even know his name. Mum says that is was just one night. I'm the result of a one-night stand. Brilliant huh?

The End

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