Sighing, she shuffled uncomfortably and sat back up in her wooden chair as its back began to dig painfully into her shoulder blades. For about a minute, she stared reluctantly at the strewn pile of textbooks and papers which sat mockingly next to her. She knew she shouldn’t. Glancing round, her shoulders dropped despairingly as she saw her alarm clock flash 22:12.

Ok, well just for a few minutes then and after that she would really get on with that assignment.

Taking a bite from her chocolate biscuit that sat amongst crumbs and various papers and stealing a swig from her glass of cold creamy milk, she reached over to the mouse and opened a new Firefox window.

Her fingers flew over the keys as she typed in ‘’ into the toolbar. As the oh-so familiar page began to load slowly, her right hand rested heavily on the mouse whilst she rubbed her eyes restlessly with her left. Typical, no new notifications. Sighing again, she sat hunched for a few more minutes, clicking aimlessly around different profiles and photos. An advert at the side caught her eye. – come and sketch away with players online!

Why not. Facebook wasn’t exactly enthralling her. She clicked on the flashing advert and a new page came up. The aim of the game was simple – a player joined a room with other players where everyone took turns to draw their designated object. The rest of the players had to guess it the quickest and whoever got the most points, won.

After fifteen minutes, she was already well into it, when another player “waved” to her in the chat section of the room.

Hmm, who’s this guy? She thought to herself. Looking at his profile statistics she saw he was from the UK and 19. Hmm…probably an idiot though. She waved back to him and soon they got chatting.


The door creaking open gave her a shock and she instinctively minimised the internet window as her mum peered round the doorway.

“Why are you still up Debbie?! You should have been in bed hours ago.” She glanced at the clock on her computer: 02:06. Wow, had she been chatting for this long? She was hit with a sudden wave of tiredness and snapped out of her fervent screen staring.

“What are you doing up this late anyway?!” Her mum frowned disapprovingly and Debbie’s cheeks grew hot as she stumbled over her words.

“Oh just some work that I’ve got due in for this week.” Rubbin her sweaty palms together, she turned back to the screen and quickly clicked open a practically empty word document that stared blankly back.

“Hmm, well turn that thing off and get to bed please.”

Debbie, still reeling with her quick cover-up, was surprised at how easy that had been. She twisted her head back towards the doorway and swore in her head to find her mum still irritatingly standing there in her nightgown, waiting impatiently for her to shut down the machine. Alarmed, hand shaking, she hovered over the minimised internet window, inticingly flashing.

Now what! She couldn’t even say goodbye! She would never be able to contact him again!

The End

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