a story about SK8TER who is an 8 year old boy with a love of lizards,leaves and stories he also has a big imagination.

Hi! i'm sk8ter and i'm 8 years old and lizards are totally cool!.I live with my mum and dad and brother( parker) whos 10 and sister( selia-solia) whos 9 so we go like 8,9,10 isn't that cool  but NOT cool that i'm the youngest but at school we love 8.The thought of being 13 one day is totally cool but selia-solia said that if i stayed as skinny as i am now i will never live to be 13 ( i admit it i'm skinny) but what does selia-solia know? nothing exept stuff about hair and make up (shes always brushing her long golden locks)!.Well let me just get on with the story so anyway i was on the way back from school when i heard a rustel in the bush so i looked and guess what i saw it was a giant lizard face staring at me then suddenly it grabbed me and pulled me into the bush and wispered a some directions to some place i had never heard of so the directions were: turn left  by the old oak follow my footsteps in the mud then stop when you get to the pine tree and go in............. i still didn't get the last bit cause how could you go in a TREE!.

The End

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