Penelope's Song

“I’m going to get him to sign my back,” announced Monique proudly.

 Backstage, it was crowded and busy, and a guide led us to a door. “He’s in there,” the guide told us. “But he may be busy. He likes to do a little song writing after the show. He’s right in the middle of a number one, I recon.”

 Penelope joined her friends as they childishly pressed their ears to the door. Inside, Penny could hear him singing to himself.

 “Oh, she was the first one I loved, yeah baby. She was the first, not the last, but my first, first love. She danced with skill and grace, had the most beautiful face, she was special, she was the one, she was my first, first love.”

 Monique and Aimee cooed, and barged right inside. Penny hung back. A girl with long braided hair and almond shaped eyes sat on a swivel chair behind Ty, with her arms wrapped around his neck and she was clearly his girlfriend.

 Penny let her friends mob him with questions and compliments, until he quietened them. He obviously didn’t recognise either Monique or Aimee. He looked right at her, but Penny pushed her hair across her face so he wouldn’t recognise her either. He invited her to ask a question, ever the gentlemen, as she remembered.

 “What was that song you just sang called?” she asked softly. In her heart, somewhere way down deep, she already knew the answer to her question.

 Ty grinned cheekily. “Penelope.”

The End

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