Darling, Come to the Gig!

The phone rang. Penny answered with shaking hands. “Hello?”


“Omigod Penny I haven’t spoken to you in absolutely ages, darling, how are you, I heard about little Gracie, I mean isn’t it absolutely amazing, darling!”




 “Oh, hey, Monique.”


“Hey, darling. Omigod Pen, are you watching MTV? Did you see him?”


“Who, T-Guy?”


“Yah, darling. Didn’t you recognise him? It was Taylor, you know, you’re old boyfriend darling. Omigod, you wouldn’t believe it darling, Aimee and I have tickets to see his show! Would you like to come with us? I have a spare!”


“Oh, well, thank you very much, but I couldn’t possibly…” Penny stuttered, overcome by ‘darlings.’ And Ty’s name said out loud.


“Excellent, darling! You’re coming. Meet us there on Sunday night? You can find a babysitter for darling Gracie can’t you? Super, I’ll see you then Penny!”


Monique, the upper class socialite of the centaury, proudly unemployed and stupidly rich, hung up. Penelope sighed, and began to make babysitter arrangements. At 22, I should be allowed to go to gigs now and again, she thought.


On the night, Penny paid no attention to the music. She stood in the crowd and stared at the man that she turned down. Ty was magnificent on stage. He sang like a god, and he seemed to be perfectly at home with the lights and the mikes and the screaming fans.


When the final song ended, Penny was forced to end her day dreams as she remembered all the happy times they spent together. Aimee nudged her. “Guess what, Pen! We’ve got backstage tickets! We can go and see T-Guy ourselves. Personally!”

The End

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