It was one Friday afternoon when it happened. Baby Gracie was snuggled in her lap, dozing, and Penny turned on her TV. She flicked through channels for a while, bored, but settled on MTV.


It was harmless; they were showing various rock artists and some of their new songs. After an hour, Penelope placed Gracie in her cot, and got a cup of tea. Pouring the milk, she listened to the presenter’s voice.


“And now, we are honoured to be able to show you the latest song from the new kid on the block, the sensational T-Guy!!!”


Penny snorted as she settled back on the sofa. What a pathetic name, T-Guy. It reminded her of spotty youths with a tea trolley at the ballet school, asking her if she wanted one sugar or two. Better give it a chance though, Penny thought to herself.


The song began well enough, with a catchy guitar solo. When the drums came in and T-Guy began singing, the camera zoomed right in to film his face. His eyes were closed, and he was clutching the microphone as he sang passionately, and his soft browny black hair was cut well, with a fringe.


He was cute, Penny decided, sipping her tea and bobbing her head in time to the song. It was good! All of a sudden, as the chorus began, T-Guy opened his eyes and stared directly into the camera. His eyes were the most startling shade of bright green.


Penelope froze. The beautiful green eyes bored into hers from the TV, and the memories surfaced. The love, the laughter, the happiness associated with this one young man was amazing. It was Ty, singing his heart out on MTV.


Her heart ached as she watched him, transfixed. Emotions flashed through her, and tears welled in her eyes and spilled over onto her cheeks. It was so long ago, and she had dumped him, dumped him for the “better life”.


Oh. Oh. How Penny’s heart hurt, how her head ached as the love resurfaced. I never really stopped loving him, she realised, and here he his, rocking up MTV, whilst I sit at home, feeding the baby, I’m all alone.

The End

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