Penny ignored her, although the words sent a thrill of fear through her. She was the most popular girl in school, for Gods sake. Surely not everyone would believe Monique and Aimee?


It turned out that she was totally wrong. When lunch break rolled around and she stepped into the playground, all eyes instantly snapped onto her. Think like mum, Penny told herself sternly. Act like nothing is amiss and you are still the most popular girl in the whole school.


So, swishing her blonde hair round her shoulders, she strutted through the crowds of whispering girls, until she found a perfect spot under a shady apple tree. She took out a chicken sandwich and a bottle of diet Coke, opened her maths folder and began scribbling away.


It was the same routine for weeks on end. No one talked to her, she talked to no one. Every lunch was spent under the same apple tree, while Penny studiously ignored every nasty comment, every snide look.


Every day, she met Ty at the gates, and together they took the abuse from passing girls, all the way to the skate park where Penelope would sit whilst Ty skated.


The same routine, again and again; for months in continued. Gradually, Penny became sadder, shyer, and quieter. It was as if she was retreating into her shell, as the outside world became harder to stand. The sun rose and set, rose and set again and again, and Penny felt trapped in a never ending nightmare where there wasn’t a morning to wake up in. There was no morning where her mother would hold her and tell her it was all over and she would never have to worry about them again.  


Ty couldn’t bear it, seeing her day after day, bullied by the meanies that just couldn’t let it go that one girl didn’t stick to the system. It made him hurt, seeing her grey and pale, not talking, not laughing or smiling or enjoying life. One day, he decided to take matters into his own hands.

The End

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