Ignore Them

Penelope shook her head. “I can’t get rid of you, Ty, just because those psychos’s said that stuff. It hurt, yeah, but I just can’t let it get to me. There’s no way on earth I’m dumping you.”


Ty smiled broadly, kissed her, and set off down the street. “See you soon, baby!” He called.


Penny blushed, and went inside.


Her dreams that night were full of horrible images of Monique and Aimee screaming all those evil things at her again and again and again. When she awoke, sweaty and tired, Penny couldn’t face going to school.


Her mum found her lying in bed at half past eight, at which time Penelope had normally left. Sitting on the edge of the bed, her mum smiled at her daughter.


“Whatever if bothering you, darling, you don’t have to tell me,” she said. Penelope’s mum was a pretty, kind middle aged lady who was a fashion designer by trade. She was slim and blonde, and liked wearing pale pink and blue, quite a contrast to the vibrant dresses modelled at her catwalk shows.


Best of all, she was absolutely great to go to for some advice. “But if there is something making you not want to go to school, just remember that people will be far more impressed if you are bold and courageous enough to walk in there as if absolutely nothing has happened. Understand?” Her mum smiled, and placed a glass of orange juice on her daughter’s bedside table, before leaving the room.


Her mum was right, Penny thought. She couldn’t just lie here like some sort of coward. She had to go out there and face the crowds.


Half an hour later, orange juice drunk and ready for school, Penny kissed her mum goodbye, and walked the short distance to school. Assembly had just started when she arrived, and so she slipped in and sat at the back. The teachers smiled at her and didn’t question her lateness.


No one noticed her enter, so she had time to think as the Head Mistress droned on. When the first bell rang, everyone filed out and headed to first class. Penelope’s first class happened to be Maths. Where she sat next to Monique. Steeling herself, she pushed open the door and entered the classroom.


She was early, and took her normal seat in the back row, absorbing herself in getting out her folders and notebooks. Monique didn’t arrive till just after the second bell, and she hurried to her seat.


Just as Penny was snapping off the lid of her classy fountain pen, as the teacher began to talk, Monique twisted in her seat and hissed, “Don’t even think of hanging out with us today. By lunch break, the whole school will know about you are your “Skater Boy” boyfriend.”

The End

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