Meet the Girls

Ty walked her home later, after everyone said goodbye and high fived everyone else. They talked and joked right up to her front door. He looked down at her, and she ran her fingers through his hair. He drew her closer and they spent a few happy moments together.

She stepped back, and smiled. ‘The same time tomorrow afternoon?’

‘Sure,’ he said, waved, and set off home after winking at her cheekily.

Penny waltzed up to the front door, drunk with happiness. In her bedroom, she dumped her bag and sprawled out on her double bed. As she sunk into the mounds of soft white and pink cushions and pillows on her bed, she closed her eyes and daydreamed about Ty.

 He was sweet, understanding, kind and cute. He was so much nicer than any other boy she had ever dated. They were all in it for the popularity and the pretty girl. They hadn’t cared about her, as a person.

Sighing, Penny sat up and ran her fingers through her hair. She was going to have to introduce Ty to her friends. However nasty and stuck up they were, they were her friends, and they genuinely liked her, and knew her.

Monique and Aimee had been her best friends since infants, when Aimee first played football and picket up a tennis racket, and when Monique had first taken a maths test, and when Penny herself had first slipped on a pair of satiny ballet shoes.

The rest of the evening drifted past, and as she soaked in a bath infused with ylang ylang, her latest favourite essential oil, she decided that next Friday, Monique and Aimee could meet Ty.


When next Friday came around, Penelope was distracted all day. In PE, she had totally forgotten to run when playing rounders, and in her dance class her teacher finished up early, saying that Penny wasn’t concentrating, and that she was expecting even more practice from her in future.

Sitting on the wall outside of school, Penny toyed with her ballet shoes nervously. She didn’t have enough time to back out though, as Monique and Aimee arrived a couple of minutes later.

“So,” said Aimee, adjusting the straps on her swim bag, “Where’s mystery boy?”

“Yeah,” chimed in Monique, “I want to see if he has any buff mates I could hook up with.” She flicked open her compact mirror and dabbed some concealer on her nose.

“Um, I don’t think he’s bringing any mates with him,” Penny said hesitantly.

Monique sighed. “Well, that’s a shame, I guess. You won’t mind if I flirt with him a bit? If your past boyfriends are anything to go by, he’ll be so fit!”

Aimee laughed and fanned herself with her English homework. “It’s getting hot out here, Pen,” she said. “When your man arrives can we pop into Coffee Hut?”

All the girls at St Fredericks went to some sort of coffee shop on a regular basis. The overpriced, but delicious coffee and stylish art and fit waiters at Coffee Hut made it one of the most popular.

“Totally, I’m dying for a frappachino!”  Monique sat on the wall beside me. “I wish he’d hurry up.”

“Hey, look over there,” said Aimee excitedly. She pointed to a boy in a hoodie and jeans, with tousled brown black hair and green eyes. It was Ty. “He’s quite fit, don’t you think?”

“Cute face,” agreed Monique. “But he’s common. A skater, of all things. That’s a shame really…”

Penelope’s face had turned bright red. “Actually, guys,” she blurted. “That’s Ty. My boyfriend.”

The End

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