Six Vignettes: Black

Tony Alekhin nods, and offers the record of the chess game he played to beat Death.  The cornfield dissolves and a study reforms around them.  Tony is sat in a luxurious leather chair in front of dark-wood bookcases, whose shelves are filled with books, bought from house-clearances, that Tony has never touched, let alone read.  Death sits opposite him across a desk wide enough for two people to commit adultery on and pushes another document to Tony's side.

Tony picks up the new document, and turns the first few pages, skimming the paragraphs and smiling.  He lays it down, squaring it against the edges of the desk.
Tracey's car turns, and she looks out the window, wondering what road they have reached now.  This new one seems dark and empty, no road markings, no lights, and the sky ahead looks stormy.

A young man enter's Tony's study and fails to see him, or Death.  He walks to the desk, looks surprised to see the document placed there, and picks it up.  He turns the page, and his face goes from surprised to shocked.  He turns and runs from the room.

Tony stands, and the desk and room now dissolve, leaving only him and Death in a black space.  They shake hands, and then Tony dissolves away as well, claimed at last by Death and able to move on.

A lawyer reads the new will, found minutes earlier in Tony's office, and finds it legally binding.  Tony's estate, in its entirety, falls to the son he had by his mistress.
Tracey feels a sense of unease begin to grow as her driver fades away, leaving her trapped in a car making its way through an increasing darkness.  She feels an increasing sense of loss, and the smell of Tony's favourite aftershave grows stronger.

The End

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