One Trillion YearsMature

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Note: Rick is not mine. Rick belongs to Bladen.

Quietly I glance into the room, watching as Rick gently coaxes our little turtle to sleep. Had I the ability to turn invisible, I’d activate it right now. It is a rare thing, to be allowed to witness these moments of tender caring between them.

 Not to say that the moments themselves are rare.

No, I suspect that these occurrences are frequent in number. It is Switch’s shy nature that make them a rare sight. Had he noticed my presence, I think he’d have scampered off to go hide somewhere, be it in his bunker or cabinet, probably dragging Rick along. Luckily though, he is too far gone to observe his surroundings. It is not long before I can hear the steady breathing of his slumber, signaling that it is safe for me to enter. Switch’s slumber is a wakeless one. Once he is out, he’s out.

Stepping lightly, I soon find myself sitting on the opposite side of Switch’s bed, facing my brother. A comfortable silence settles between us as I take a moment to brush a mop of horribly messy hair out of Switch’s face. “…It seems his hair gets messy the moment it touches the pillow.” I hear a soft chuckle leave Rick at that statement, a large hand reaching over to muss up black hair a bit further.

“I’m probably as much to blame as his pillow is today. He was tired and didn’t want to sleep, so I ran my hand through his hair a couple times to help him relax. He’s been… kinda fussy when it comes to sleeping lately.”

Nodding, I lift my eyes from Switch to meet Rick’s gaze. “I am worried as well. It has been sometime since his nightmares have plagued him so. Perhaps something we are not aware of happened? Maybe Kaiyuke shocked him again or something.”

Eyes darkening at the lightning wielders name, Rick shook his head. “No. If he had, you and I would have felt the excessive electricity when healing Switch. Plus, the burn on Switch’s shoulder would look a little fresher, since that’s where Yuke usually shocks him.”

I give a defeated sigh, understanding the reasoning. “That is true. However, if not that, then what…” Movement catches my eye, cutting me off. Before I even have time to react, Rick has already reached over and taken Switch’s left hand in his own, intertwining their fingers and effectively keeping the thin male from clawing at himself with his dominant hand. I follow suit, taking the right. Fragile fingers tremble beneath my grip, twitching with anxiety. However, after a few moments of Rick whispering loving words and reassurances, the trembling stops, Switch having returned to a pleasant slumber.

Releasing the pale hand, I patiently wait as Rick examines Switch’s nails, likely trying to decide if he should release the dominant hand or not. He must have figured better safe than sorry, as he keeps hold of the appendage, lightly massaging the areas that he knows constantly cause his precious boyfriend discomfort. It takes some time before he decides to speak again.

“I… think I may know what’s wrong.”

The End

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