Day 1:

“You look as though I am not what you expected.”

"You're awfully young for a Greybeard."

"And you're awfully slow for a genius."

"I prefer to think I'm awfully clever, for an idiot."

"Perhaps there is some hope here after all.  You are Rianne then?"

"Yes, Greybeard."

"Then you are my new apprentice.  I ask of you a favor, and will offer you one in return."

"I'll do anything you ask, Greybeard, but you owe me nothing."

"I promise it's not anything you'll thank me for when all is said and done.  But first to your end.  I ask that, in the future, you cease using that ridiculous honorific, as I am clearly clean-shaven and still quite young.  My name is Eller."

"Yes...sir.  I promise."

"I suppose that'll do.  In return, I offer two things.  First, you should know that I have a secret.  I am bound to keep this secret from everyone but you, and the greatest gift you shall ever receive from me is my promise not to tell you this secret.  This bit of information is more powerful than any spell and the burden of it has ruined more lives than my own.  If you can figure it out on your own, you will have the means to save or destroy us all.”

“I will do my best to learn quickly, Eller.  I’ll be as smart and clever as I have to be.”

“For your own sake, I hope that you will not.  But we shall see.  My second promise is to lie to you.  And it would be a sad thing indeed if my lies happened to sound like truths that you have believed your whole life."


"You know, it's your sharp wit that impresses me most."

"A student is only as impressive as her teacher."

"Now you're catching on.  Lie number one: Everyone does time on the wall."

The End

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