Sitting in its chair.

This was written a few months after having undergone major surgery on my spine. I had never been in so much pain - I wondered what it would look like if it manifested in the real world...

I see it...  I see it sitting in the corner of the room.  Sitting there in its chair, staring at me like a king on its horse.  

It sits there motionless, letting time pass it by, letting the sun illuminate it and letting the darkness of the night consume it.  A black entity that has no body, yet has two red eyes hat gaze upon me from its chair.

Its gaze never drifts from me; I can feel its eyes pierce my soul with its anger and hatred.  My eyes meet its and I cannot look away.  That gaze - it holds mine in a grip and does not want to give it up.

I ask myself why?  Why does it sit in its chair and stare at me?  The more I ask myself, the more I fear the answer.  

Every day I know it's there, in that chair in the corner.

There are days where I weep for forgiveness, not knowing why I should be forgiven.  It does not care for forgiveness, nor sympathy, nor any emotions, all it wants is its presence to be felt every day.

I want to summon up the courage to fight it, to overthrow the king from its throne; but even an overthrown king can still fight back.

The more I stare at it, the more I realise that it is a part of me.  What was anger and hatred was all part of its act, all part of the pain that resides within me and my ignorance for ignoring the pain became apparent.

I cannot ignore the pain, but I can accept it as part of who I am - it is a constant reminder that I am still human and I can still feel emotion, even pain...

The End

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