Sit Here With Me

A man and his wife of 50 years sit on a beech remembering all the places they've been to, people they have seen that brings them to this point in their life. If you want join in, you can be whoever you want, interact with the the couple however you please to create your own little stories that helped them or hindered them to achieving their perfect serenity right in this very moment.

The old withered hand that clasps my own.

The beech which the water gently catches.

The gentle blue sky with the cotton bud clouds.

The Bright, glaring sun that shines light and life on all that is underneath it.

The wind that sweeps through the canopy of the trees.

That's all well and good but it is nothing compared to my dear, oh my wife of 50 years.

When I look into her hazel eyes, I see the thousands of adventures we have shared together, but dear where to start, you just sit here with me my dear and let us remember together.

The End

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