Everyone was telling her how lucky she was to be married to a Doctor and how dad was lucky dad was to be married to one of the world’s most beautiful women. Of course after she had me and Amy, she stopped modelling and now she manages models. Dad’s still a doctor, still the best. When I was born, everyone gasped about how pretty I was. A perfect combination between my dads genes and my mums. However, my birth wasn’t the best of days. Actually, my birth was like a curse.  So many things happened on that day that somehow, I feel as if I’m responsible for. A few hours after my birth, mum received a call saying that grandma passed away. And mum was completely shattered. Grandma was the only parent she had as her dad died when she was younger. That was curse number one.

  It took mum 2 months to get over gran. And after that came curse number two. She couldn’t have any babies. I don’t know the reason why but that didn’t stop my parents trying. Then a year later, mum gave birth to her miracle baby; Amy. She was like a porcelain doll. She looked exactly like mum though she had a mixture of dads chocolate brown eyes and mum’s hazel eyes.  Everyone forced all their attention towards Amy, because she was a miracle, an act of kindness from God. As the years went on, I was ignored. 

The End

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