I was born as Celeste, with Long straight black hair, with bangs neatly cut and my grey eyes always outlined with black eyeliner. I’m as pale as a ghost and my lips are a light pink. I was once a blonde but decided to dye my hair black because I guess I didn’t want to be part of them anymore. I mean I love them and I don’t mind them ignoring me, but ever since that day, I just needed to be me. I’m not the best academically but I have a passion for my music. I love to sing and play my piano and guitar and in addition, I love to dance.  My parents always hated my passion for music and dance and told me that I needed a reality check and get myself a tutor and revise the subjects that I’m hopelessly crap at.  That way I can get a ‘real’ career.

My dad, Alexander Adams is a well known doctor, one of the best in the world, saving people’s lives and helping them fight cancer. So far, all the patients he’s had have been given the all clear. Back in the days, he used to be an athlete. He was the one all the girls idolized with his brunette hair and chocolate coloured eyes. He was the kind of guy who could have his pick. All the girls waited to be asked out by him but once he turned 20, he always had eyes for one women. Sophia Blake now Sophia Adams, otherwise known as my mum. She was a model, working for the world’s most famous fashion magazines such as ‘Vogue’ or ‘Mode’. She was a show stopper with a petite figure, her blond curls and hazel eyes. How they met? It just so happened that my grandma, mum’s mum had cancer and Dad was the one to treat her. And on the road to recovery, mums and dads friendship developed into a relationship, which formed a marriage. 

The End

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