Chapter 1 The beingMature

Raven love              
My name is Raven Love I have light brown eyes and midnight blue hair and a pale skin tone I am also wearing a black dress with black boots.  Some  people say I’m the devil because I get mad and then stay quit and use magic on the person I got mad at and the magic part depends really(I’m not the devil if you haven’t figured it out) other than that I do stay quit.                                          
 Also I got in a fight before last period, so Amber will be home shortly after me. The thing is I didn’t start the fight so the person I got in a fight was pretty smart. Oh I might want to say this before I forget Amber is my twin sister. But she kept her hair the same color as what mine used to be which is light brown and she has the same skin tone and eyes.
“Get out of the car now Raven.” And of course my dad has the same eye color as me and Amber. Also when Amber gets home I already know who is goanna tag along is her best friend Tara who can be a white bitch. Tara has dark gray eyes. Tara is Amber’s little friend who is a red head but I call her fire head because that’s her hair color. It’s really cool color fire red. It’s really pretty when she is in s good mood. But I like to get her in a bad mood most of the time that started because I like to cause so much trouble is what I think. Well as I walking inside the house I said. 
 “Let me guess I am grounded which means no computer no phone and no TV.” I unsuccessfully tried to say it as smart as I could without him knowing. This by the way is impossible which probably made him mad you can never be sure with him. But he surprises me sometimes.
 “No you are not grounded but you need to watch your tone young lady understand me Raven Destiny Love?”
 “Yes sir I understand.” Then I just went to my room because I didn’t want to fight with him about it. When I got to my room it was like how you would feel if you were really scared but in the lovely town of lost meadow yeah it’s a weird but it’s where I was born. It’s better  than harmony which means a lot of people go there but then realize that they should of came here because that’s where most of the drama really is. The only drama we have is me being called a witch and giving me threat notes in my locker. Amber always knocks 7 times before she walks in unlike anyone else in the house but today she didn’t. Amber only has 2 friends Tara and Steven. I also think that the only reason Steven hangs with Amber is because she tells them everything that is wrong with me and then he goes and then tell all of his guy friends about it. But it’s mostly just an idea.
“How long are you spended?” Amber said, I glanced at her and noticed that she was wearing a blue dress with a pair of black flats.
“A day and you forgot to knock and Tara is behind you aren’t she.”
“Yeah she is and so is Steven to and that is the shortest time I have known about what about you guys?”
“Same here Amber what bout you Steven.” Tara said it with a smile then rolled her eyes. Who had also was wearing a blue dress
There are other places in the world then another person in the room that was there and saw it. I thought to myself.
 “I agree with you guys but –”
“I was in it. Amber get your friends away from me I don’t have time at the moment I need to figure out what I’m gonna do now about tomorrow cause –” at that moment my phone went off and I got a text that said                  
I know how to get rid of your powers.
At the moment I wasn’t sure what I was gonna say but the number was out of area so the only thing I could say was this  
Is this Dj?
Then Amber brought me back to the argument of here and now and for the first time since our mom died I was glad.
“Raven are you ok you looked freaked out was it that girl that punched you before last period.”
“No it’s someone that I talk to all the time Amber k.”
“K just don’t look so freaked out ok Raven you were really scaring me.” As she said that I was walking to my computer and I was wondering one think that whole time what if it wasn’t Dj then who was it he was one of the few people who had my number so what do I do tell Amber I think her ex has a new number I may be mad at her but I don’t want to hurt her I would never be able to live with it. Anyway I just would never be able to sleep without knowing if it was Dj.
Amber Love
“Raven never listens to me anymore it scares me knowing she is hiding something from me could she be talking to Dj. What in the world am I thinking she couldn’t even stand him when even I as dating him.” So that is out of the question then who could it be? Could it just some random person but I know Raven knows better than that now I will never be able to sleep unless I knew who it was. But Raven would have told me if it was something to worry about so I just need to calm down and not worry about Raven knows what she doing. She knows what to do if trouble happens I mean she is a freak when it comes to magic. But um I don’t know what to do anymore I haven’t even used magic in years.
“Earth to Amber stay out of your head please and thank you.”
“Sorry Tara I thought I was by myself in my room it’s not easy anymore I just feel like giving up on Raven sometimes.” I said it with tears in my eyes. I knew I would start crying at some point today with the rough times I have had in the past but I was hoping I would be alone in my room.
“Amber she’s your sister why would you want that or say that?” Steven said as if he really cared which he really did I remember when Dj broke-up with me he was ready to kill someone and by someone I mean Dj it was the best day of my life when that happen. But now no one has heard from Dj since we broke - up and if I was to see him again I probably kill myself but I’m over him now at least that’s what I tell everyone who has asked me that question.
“I don’t know Steven it just came out ok I say stuff I don’t mean I also regret most of the stuff that has happen in the past. I can’t do this anymore I don’t even know how to use my powers anymore I can’t even get one spell right  to save my life!” I have no idea what got into me at that moment it just came out I could see Steven’s eyes go from a soft hazel eyes go into a deep sadness just like that didn’t know what to say to bring the happiness back into his eyes. I was starting to cry even more but holding it in when I got a video chat request. I wasn’t sure who it could so I walk slowly to the computer and when I saw the name I just called for Raven like this.
“Raven you need to come see this.” I should have known she would have used a spell to get in here as fast as she did but it doesn’t matter at the moment. I might as well deal with when this convocation with Dj is over.
“What’s wrong?”
“The call is from Dj.”
“Ok as in video chat or call from the phone you guys need to help me out here.”
“Video chat and I’m gonna answering it right now so I know 2 people that need to move out the way so he can think I’m still crying over him which yeah I know it’s mean but with the stuff he put me though he deserves it.” As I finished saying my sentence Tara and Steven had already moved out the way then I clicked accept and said “hey, what do you want.” He was wearing a black t.
“Amber are you ok because if you are not in the mood to talk to me then I total understand but at least give me a little slack k” Dj said.
“What do you want Dj I have other things to deal with called yelling at Raven-.”
“What? why me why not Tara or Steven.” I could have slapped Raven right then and there but I just wanted to find out what Dj wanted to tell me and get on with my life. And go to bed and go to school tomorrow then come home to hear Raven complain about how bad her day was and I can tell her to shut up.
“Again Dj what in the world do you want like I said I have other things to deal with and you are not one of those things.”
“Ok there is a demon that I have never heard of before married to a vampire and I don’t know any of the names they go by but be careful they are after the people with the strongest powers and Amber I know you never use magic but because Raven is still using magic your powers have grown to so you guys are out luck.”
Raven just looks at him with a blank face me I started feeling anger and sadness maybe just one of them not sure but I was lost on what to say. I looked at Raven and she looked at me the same way she did at Dj when he got done talking then I finally found what to say but the thought  that stuck to my mind was as Raven’s powers grow so did mine how could that be we are two different people.
“Dj are you sure cause I never even heard of anything possible like taking powers away or powers growing when only one does magic.” I gave an evil glare at Raven and she just gave me a smile.
“Trust me I thought that same think when I found out and honestly I know you guys hate me to pieces but I may still got to warn you and I know Tara and Steven are there so you two have fun keeping them safe mostly cause Raven won’t let you guys.” Ok he had me lost there that was for sure but not must of my worries. 
“Bye Dj thank you for the heads up on that.” Then I hang up and told everyone good night. And that was all I remember that night but one think was on my mind all night which made me think that Dj was telling the truth cause if it was just someone Raven talks to all the time why would she be in a freaked out mood when she got the text that was what worried me and that was the last thing I wanted to worry about was if I was still in love with Dj. That thought put me to sleep faster than normal. And with my luck in the past year I probably did.

The End

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