Uniqueness and Unicycles

The mother superior had not been mistaken in allowing Quartilla to take her final vows. Whilst she was far from being a typical "Catholic," she held a deep and unyielding conviction in the teachings of Christ and she saw no separation between physics and the mystical. Indeed, physics itself confirmed all that the mystics imparted concerning the infinite nature of reality, looking out at the Universe or into the atom.It always delighted and amazed this remarkable nun, who, shared her enthusiasm for physics because it was inextricably bound up in life's eternal nature.

Evolution was to Sister Quartilla, God in action. A living God, a living evolving life, born of love, each infant needing it's parent's love to survive.As her senses merged into one, so did her understanding.

The present age was to her, a passing period of ignorance, whereby mankind had separated himself from his eternal nature. She saw in her pupils the fascination with fashionable must haves of the day, but such was her total certainty in the sheer miracle of life, that, for that one physics lesson, when time and space became illusions, the children themselves became elated and inspired, and it seemed like "The Kingdom of Heaven" was ever present, there to be realized.

Quartilla was unique, and she recognized the uniqueness of all her pupils. Her unicycle served to make her uniqueness obvious, but she'd have been just as singular had she walked to school.

Although, to the outside world it appeared that she had experienced nothing but boredom with men in her single days, in fact, she's fallen in love with someone who bought her love to life.

It was her boyfriend's friend who lodged at her house, and who had a strange way of reading from the New Testament. She started out humoring him, but, as time went on, and as he looked into her eyes and spoke of the laws of Heaven, she found herself falling deeply in love with him. Saw Christ himself in him, and, came to see that he is the true spirit of all men that must be realized and valued. It was this that led her to that school on that day, way back when. An enthusiastic individual with a unicycle!

The End

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