Sister Quartilla

I wasn’t quite sure what to think of Sister Quartilla.

I slipped into the room just as the bell rang.  I was so disoriented by the uniformed sea of the new Catholic school I’d been sent to I got turned around more than once.  The only available seat was one smack dab in the first row.  Front and center, about four feet from the front counter.

I sighed.  Peachy.  Absolutely peachy.

I slunk to my seat in silence, but the chatter quickly resumed. Many were wondering about the teacher, who hadn’t arrived yet. She was new, & nobody had been able to get a decent opinion from any other students.

Finally the door opened, framing the figure Sister Quartilla. We fell silent, and turned to face her.  I think all of us were surprised by her.

Her long brown hair was tied back in a thick braid, tossed over her shoulder.  The end of it trailed past the bottom hem of her habit.  She held a bicycle helmet under her right arm, & a unicycle firmly in the grasp of her left hand.

She took a deep breath, surveying the class.  “Well!” she began sounding a bit out of breath from excitement.  “Welcome to Physics class!”

She marched around the group of desks to the front counter, every eye following her.  She stashed her unicycle underneath the counter, then hoisted herself up to sit on the counter.  She swung her legs around, to let her feet dangle over the edge.

Her feet were level with my eyes.

And I can’t say I’ve ever seen a nun in Converse before.

The End

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