Grandfather has kind of warmed up to Annebell, I think. She’s kind of grown up and isn’t at the same time. She’s like a mother; she helps out Emily with the cooking, pays for all the food that we eat. I’m glad for that, because we become very hungry wolves. Leah is still pissed off that she isn’t the only girl wolf in the pack. She won’t eat the food they make for all of us.


Everyone, but Leah, feels the motherly-warmth from Annebell a lot. Seriously she makes sure that we’ve eaten enough and she cleans up everything the three houses she goes at. Emily’s house is one of them, Billy and mine’s, and her own place, making sure that there’re clean and tidy. Her temper tantrums have decreased, if I say so myself. I mentioned it to Billy. He said that she takes after our mother. This was a first, hearing about my mother from Billy. He also said Annebell even looks like our mother at the age she is now, ever since she moved here. I’ve being keeping my eyes on her, and she also has her big sister moments.


I told her about Bella and everything. She listened to me and told me something completely different from what I told her. She told me a story, not the story of the ‘Third Wife’, a story about a bear, a female bear. She told me it and then after she was done. She said “Don’t think too much about one thing or else you’re going to hurt yourself.”, and walked off to start making dinner. The story distracted me and I told Billy. He mentioned another thing that reminded him about his daughter in his granddaughter. He said “You’re mother even told stories to distract people from a lot of stuff.”

The End

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