The Talk

A nurse came by and talked to Dr. Collin quietly. He looked up and motioned for Billy. He rolled back over and listened to what he had to say. He looked at me and wheeled beside Dr. Collin down the hallway, to the room Annebell was in. I waited outside in the waiting a bit more longer then I thought I would be.


Billy wheeled in the room I’m in. He looked like he was doing some real serious business once Dr. Collin left the room. He stared at me for a while. “Grandfather. I know every elder hates this, but I’ve being doing some things that not everyone knows. I’m telling you, because I know have to.” I finally said. He didn’t say anything still. Just staring at me.

I sat on the side of the bed. “I’ve being having some alcohol and weed in my system. I tried something new a few days and it kept me sick for this long. Dr. Collin gave me something to settle it down more.” I still sat there.

“How long have you being doing this?” He asked. “When I was sixteen.” I replied. “Has Martin tried anything to stop you?” He asked. “Yes, he has. I didn’t listen to him for a while.” I replied. “When did you listen to him?” He asked another. “A couple of years later. Now I’m just staying in my limit.” I replied. “Have you let Jake do any of this?” He asked, more serious now. “He knows about it, with me-”  I said. “Has he tried any of it.” He said. “No. He hasn’t.” I said looking him the eyes.

She's pretty strong. She's has enough courage to talk to someone that doesn't accept her. She's still telling him stuff that she's being doing for ages. Makes me wonder who this Martin guy is. Dr.Collin thought. I have a bad feeling about this guy. He walked away from the room Billy and Annebell  were in talking.

The End

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