I’m sitting a waiting room. The recipitionist at their desk. The waiting this small looking room. I’ve being wait for hours on end in this room. It’s being so long that I’ve already counted all the chairs in here, there’s twevle seats, and keeping watch on who comes in and leaves. Who goes in for their appointment. Billy here with me, waiting too. Right now there’s five people, Billy, me and three other woman in this room. One is an elderly lady, she’s waiting to leave. Another lady with a broken leg. One that around my age waiting for her appointment. A doctor called in his patient. So down to four people in the room. The recipitionist are busy taking down names, appointments down and updates for some patients. So there’s more people coming in.

GODMMIT! This place too chaotic! I can’t take this. I’m here to support my sister. Dr. Collin is the only person that can look at Annebell. Other doctors would probably give her to sciencetist for them to look at her. Treat like an animal... litterly. Leah recently joined the pack. Jacob thought with his arms crossed over one another. I can’t believe this is happening. How on Earth did she sick?

“Calm down, Jake.” Billy said. Reaching to his ears peacefully and pure.

I just noticed that my fists started to relax. I felt my shoulders unstiffing. I didn’t realise that I was about to form in front of everyone in such a small room.

“Billy.” Dr Collin’s voice said. Billy rolled his way over to him. They spoke for awhile.

Billy came rolling back. “She’s okay. She just had something bad in her system.” Looking at Jake like he should know something about that. Jake looked calmer, now. In a matter of fact Jake did know what was in her system.

I told her not to buy that stuff. Jake thought. Stupid idea, but that’s how my sister is.

These past two months, I’ve being getting know Annebell more better. She’s kind of fun. She’s always talking about books and arts that she likes. She likes creative stuff. She talks about the life she once had, before I was born and also the life she had with Martin. She does have her little cravings here and there. Like alcohol, weed and sometimes cigerattes. She knows her limite for them. Just this time she tried something new, a few days ago. She bought some liquor that she hadn’t tried before. It was okay at first. But her last sip she tried, she ‘got well’. In other words throw up. Billy doesn’t even know it. She does have her older sister moments. She keeps everything that she does away from me at all times. I’ve never tried any of these stuff. She stays outside the whole night if she has some weed. She stays at her house when she drinks. She smokes the cigerattes outside in the back of her house. She’s gonna have to tell Billy soon about this stuff. She’s working her way up to it and I hope it soon, before Sam finds out about it. She’s the only that anyone can’t share memories and everything. I can’t even get memories she has flowing in my head when we’re apart.

The End

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