Broken Promise

The way she acts is like Bella. Jacob thought looking at Annabell. But more childlike.

Annabell stopped crying and sat up and sniffed the ocean air. She looked hypnotised by the smell she could smell,"I could smell grandfather's cooking. My favorite meal he always made when I use to eat." Jacob sniffed the air too, trying to see if he could smell the meal his grandfather was cooking. But he couldn't reconised the smell at all. It was something he never smelt before. Wait did she say 'I' was able to eat. So that means when she was able to eat. I wasn't even born yet at that time. Jacob thought.

I guess grandfather was surprised at how I was able to talk to him when I was a wolf. But I doubt he would still want me on the property I once called home.I have my own house on the reservation now. Annabell thought as she stood up stilling the nicely cooked in the air around her. Sam started to notice the way she stood. How much has she missed in her childhood to act like this? Sam thought.

"Jacob. Bring her back to your house. She isn't ready to help us out yet.", Sam said to him in a husky voice. Jacob didn't argue with him when he said to bring her to the house. Jacob picked her up in both arms and carried her as he ran towards his house. Annabell still dazed at the smell of the cooking getting close. "I don't know how many times I have tried to get the cooking perfect, compared to grandfather's cooking for this.", She finally said. "I never knew Billy would make something I never smelt before.", Jacob said to her. "Maybe that's because it was my favorite.", Annabell said cuddling to him more as he ran.

Billy waited on the front purch with a bowl. When he spoted Jacob running towards him with her in his arms. He smiled a gentle smile. Jake stopped at the bottom of the pourch and put her on her feet. She looked up at Billy in a shy way. "Eat up.", is all Billy said. Annabell walked nervously up the stairs towards Billy. Jacob already disappeared heading back to the pack. All he saw was that Billy already forgiven her for she did when she was younger.

Annabell eat the food in the bowl so fast she finished without making a mess of it. She looked down, disappointed to ask for seconds.

"So what is the real reason why you came back?", Billy asked. Annabell cleared her thoart. "Because I couldn't handle the the emotions going on through my head when I killed Martin. I can't even remember how I killed him. All that happened was...", Annabell's voice trailed off. "I woke up in the middle of the living room of the appartment we lived in. The mirror walls were shattered. Glass everywhere on the floor and couches. Bloody paw prints on the white carpet. I saw Martin lying motionless on the floor ten feet away from where I was lying. I was coverd in the white sheet I was under when I went to see how Janet was doing. But Martin didn't leave to get away. He stayed to face his conciquences. Then I can't remember anything else when I attacked him." said in a dazed.

"I can't see you getting upset over that, Annabell.", Billy said. "But grandfather. I did get upset. I was mad that he killed someone he promised he won't kill. He broke his promise.", Annabell said looking up at him.

The End

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