At the La Push beach, four guys in shorts stood waiting for Jacob to join them. But once they noticed another wolf was behind him. They looked at each other in wonder who it was. The wolf had the same colour fur as Jacob did, but was larger than Jacob. The wolf turned off into the bushes and Jacob stopped in front the guys. He transformed back into his human form. "So mind telling us this woman is.", Sam asked. The guys looked over at Sam when he said 'woman'

From the bushes Annabell came from behind the bushes wearing her same clothes she was wearing earlier when Jacob was admiring her vehical. "Wait. Wasn't that the lady we saw at the store today that smelled like a the bloodsucker?", Embery asked Sam. Annabell gave a nervous laugh. "This is Annabell. She's my older sister that killed her lover. He gave her his entire fortrunes to. He knew what she had to do when she was giving off the signs we all had before we joined Sam.", Jacob said to them all. "So the S7 was his car?", Sam asked. Annabell nodded her head,"You guys. You're noses is sharper then mine. I thought I bleached out all the scents of Martin in the car. But I guess since I can speak well I'm in a wolf form, my sense of smell is weaker than yours. But I could smell out bloodsuckers that are and were nearby."

"What is she talking about Sam?", Jared asked. "How old are you?",Sam asked Annabell. "Twenty-one.", She said to him. "And when did you get the title of being a gaurdian?", He asked. Annabell's face went completly nervouse,"A year ago." She's good at keeping it simple. Sam thought. "Why did you come back?" Sam asked. "I had to come back because I was... I was...", Her voice trailed off. "Why did you have to kill your lover?",Sam asked. "Because he killed my bestfriend. He cheated on me with her. She knew what he was. Then my transformation kicked in when I was sleeping, well that was happening to her. My smell to him changed to something disgustig to him. But he still sat by my side. Her cropes in the next room. After I felt better I found her lying on the couch. Before I knew it I already killed him.", Annabell went on all fours again. "Everything I did for him was so that he won't be killed. Everything I did for my friend was so that she could feel safe around me. Now everything I did in my power turned into a bunch of nothingness. Grandfather kept me hidden from Jake. My only sibling never heard of me. My lover killed my only friend that believed me. Then I killed Martin, because of what the rules are for the gaurdians and because of what he did my friend." in her demonic voice as she turned into half the size she orignally is in wolf form. "All that I want to do now... is to get the respect from my grandfather. I want to just feel the love I used to feel. I don't want to feel the love of a supernatural being anymore. I want the love that I should've got when I was younger. I realise that now.", Annabell said turning back to normal. "I noticed I was just in a twisted, stupid fanasty." lying on the ground sobbing. She's good at controling herself. Something pisses her right off and then when she gets emotional she truns back to normally crying. Sam thought. I already felt her presence when Jacob was near her earlier. She got all angery when he ignored her and than all emotional when she thought of the question she already asked to him.

The End

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