Conversation with a Wolf

It was around eleven when Jacob walked into the front door of his house. Billy peeked around the kichen corner to greet Jacob as he walked in "Welcome back Jacob. How was the day with Sam and the others." Jacob walked in the kichen and sat down at the table. He didn't say a word for at least three minutes. "Grabdfather... Annabell-" He said then was interrupted. Billy stopped what he was doing. He rolled himself towards Jake, "Never speak of that name again. You hear me?" Billy said glaring at Jake. "You didn't let me finish what I was gonna say.", Jake's voice turned a husky tone, his hands shaking in a fist. Billy just stared at him. "Annabell killed her lover. Because she's the sister of the pack. She said 'the way I viewed our ancesters didn't change my respect for them.'", Jake said to him trying to calm down. "So... she's back for real this time.", Billy asked. Jake nodded his head slowly. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you about her. But she wasn't the right person to have you near by so much. She would always talk about the bloodsuckers like they weren't our enemy at all. She was just to much in to them. But hearing that she killed Martin. Seems like she is proud of our culture."

Jake's back straightend up and he focused on the window in the kichen. "Sam is calling everyone. I need to tell him the news about Annabell." Jake said as he got up from the shair. He went past Billy and went up the door.

A red-brown wolf was in front of house when I got outside, bigger then he was in wolf form. "Annabell?" Billy said when he was behind Jacob on the pourch. The head of the wolf lowered and looked ashamed when Billy came out. Jacob looked at Billy's expession when he saw Annabell in front of there house. "Never step foot on my land ever again. You hear me?", Billy said coldly. Jacob jumped of the pourch and transformed into a wolf and stood next to Annabell and she was bigger then he was. Annabell whimpered when Billy told her that commaned. Jacob growled at Billy when he turned around. Then Jake ran to where ever Sam was calling from. "I didn't mean to offend you grandfather by coming back. But I seriously did kill Martin." Annabell's demonic voice said and then she ran to catch up to Jake.

Billy stayed on the pourch for a little while and then said to himself,"I thought that the wolfs of the legend weren't able to speak." and went back inside the house.

The End

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