Sister of the Pack

Beautifully calm(?) 21 year old Annabell Black comes back to La Push after 15 years of being neglected by her grandfather, Billy Black. Jake finds out he as an older sister that is the same as him and the brothers of the pack.

Annebell Black Moves In.

A house on the La Push reservation was sold. Jacob drove by it and noticed the sign with the sticker. A smile went across his face when he saw a Selena7 in the dirt driveway. He pulled over in front of the lawned and got out of the Rabbit. He checked out the S7 to guess what the personality of the owner is. Nicely evenly waxed, not a scratched on the body frame, the muddy wheels from driving through the wet dirt in La Push, tinited windows on all the windows, and the liciences plate was digitalised. But turns on whent the car starts. "I see you're admiring my car." A female voice chimed from the pourch of the house. "But you would never handle the smell inside. Since Embery and Sam's noses crunched up in digust when I opened the door earlier at the store here." Jacob's head turned towards her when she mentioned their names.

"When did you leave?" He asked. She wore a dark navy baggy shirt tied up in a knot on the back and wearing dark gray sweat pants, her long dark brown hair braided down to her left side of her,"I left when you were only a year old. I had to live with one of mom's friends. Grandfather didn't want to look after a bloodsucker admirer." Jacob's face harden, his fists clenched. "My name is Annebell Black. I left La Push when I was six years old. I'm twenty-one now.", She declared leaning on the frame of the door way of her house with her arm crossed over her chest. Jacob stared at her calm expression on her face. As soon as he saw the calm look, he turned around heading towards his Rabbit.

"You should never ignore you're only sibling you'll ever have. Don't just do this to me.", Annabell said falling down on all fours on the pourch. Her body stood like an animal, little growls came from her chest. Jacob looked over his shoulder to see where the growls came from. He saw that her calm, peaceful face changed into an animal like glare, claws instead of nails on her hands.. "You and our other brothers may transform in a blink of an eye. But have you guys... you guys...", Annabell's demonic voice trailed off with tears running down her cheeks. She fell completly down on the pourch and the claws changed back to normal nails, her face soften up. She tightly wraped up into a ball. Jake ran up to her to see if she was okay. "Jake." She said with a scratchy voice. "Have you ever killed someone you loved very deeply? But the rules I can't deny. My view of our ancesters didn't change my respect for them."

"You had to kill the bloodsucker you loved. Didn't you Annebell?", Jacob asked. "I had to. When I started to get the pains in all of my body parts. I knew what was happening. I can't deny the rules of what was happening to me. I studied about our ancesters. Bad temper transforms us. Mine is slow because I don't get so bad temperd like you and our brothers, baby brother.", Annebell said still lying in a ball. "The guys don't know I'm a werewolf, yet. They can't sense it from me. It's because I smell more like my divine partner. I told him about my ancesters and he understood about the sitution when the signs gave off on me. It was hard to do what I had to do." Tears runned down her cheeks like a rabbit river now.

The End

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