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She looks into his ears, and he obligingly bends down to her height, but they are empty. Then she knows that he has no hearing and is safe from her voice, and she knows that her belt is lost to her forever.

So she sings, in mourning, for the life she had beneath the waves. She sings of sunlight filtering down through the water and of fishes slipping through coral like pieces of a rainbow. She sings of long purple tendrils of seaweed, of the patterns in the sand and the feelings of different seas. Her eyes close and she pours out all the beautiful experiences she had while in her other form.

When she opens her eyes, minutes or hours later, Luke is crying. He is silent, yet tears are undeniably running down his rough cheeks.  He opens his eyes too, and breathlessly speaks.

“I don’t understand. I don’t understand anything, but thank you.”

She still doesn’t know what he is saying but it seems clear enough. She questioningly points at her ear and he nods, eagerly.

Crazy ideas whirling around her head, she wonders if all this time she’s been singing the wrong kind of song. If she can break men by singing, perhaps she can fix them too.

With a breaking heart, she thinks of all those lives which she may needlessly have taken, if it’s true. But the future is still waiting…

The future is hers.

The End

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