Something was wrong with me. I didn't know what it was or how it happened. I just knew that something was wrong with me. My 18th birthday just passed, my life seemed like it was flashing right before my eyes. But no, I wasn't dying. I was growing up. And it was weird. I hated this. I hated how I felt and my thoughts were uncontrollable. It was madness.

I had dreams that drove me crazy. About a girl. She was calling to me. She called my name. Like a siren's call. Her eyes were an icy blue, her lips a soft pink, her hair milk chocolate. And I was in love with her. A figment of my imagination. I was in love with the girl in my dreams.

I immediately thought of a way to stop this. I had an urge to somehow put myself in a world where she existed. And she only existed in my head. And I wanted to be there. Why was this happening to me? I always denied a girl to the prom, for a date, or anything else for that matter. The guilt would kill me if I went out with some other girl. The girl in my head was stopping me. Blocking me from a world in which I could be a normal teenage boy.

She got in my way. She always ran through my mind. I wanted her. I wanted her so badly. And I was going to find a way to make her real. Make her mine.

The End

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