Chapter 1: Tomato FaceMature

This is a completely FICTIONAL piece about a girl at school. She's based around me and a crush I had on a teacher - and what, at the time, I wished would happen.
It went from there and became a story.
I should warn readers, there is some language and some slightly inappropriate material in the story. It's not anything 50 Shades, just the situation is a bit immoral.
I would like to credit Jacqueline Wilson, whose book 'Love Lessons' inspired me a little bit.

‘Sir, can we do more experiments?’

‘Go on, sir!’

‘The one with the hydrogen and the balloon!’

They clamoured for more demonstrations to avoid having to work. Mr O smiled, but shook his head.

‘Sorry guys, there are only a few lessons to cover the syllabus and we have revision to do; as much as I’d love to just have fun and do experiments, and believe me I would, I need to get you ready for your exams.’


Not wanting to seem harsh, he tried a compromise.

‘When exams are over, we can all watch a film as a class.’

Bless him.

‘We won’t be here…’

He looks confused.

‘You won’t?’

‘We go on our summer holiday after exams, sir!’

‘And you wouldn’t want to come in again?’


All this took place and I was sitting there silently begging everyone to shut up. I would have run through town in my underwear if it meant I could watch a film with my Chemistry teacher. Seriously.

Before you think I’m really creepy, I should explain.

Mr O was my Chemistry teacher. He was brought in at Christmas when our previous teacher went on maternity leave. He was still training, and only twenty-three. He was also one of the most gorgeous men to ever grace the planet.

He had quite short, straight dark hair and the bone structure of a male Abercrombie model. You could cut diamonds using those amazing cheekbones. He was slim and around six foot, I think. He had quite red, full lips, perfect teeth and really dark brown eyes, so dark you almost couldn’t see his pupils. His skin was perfect, relatively pale and he had slight stubble, sometimes more and sometimes a goatee. Seriously, he was beautiful. He also had a slight lisp and I always thought he was really funny and enthusiastic, but also seemed creative and sensitive. Sometimes he would get confused and look all puzzled, or someone would embarrass him and he would blush.

 As you can probably tell, I fancied the absolute pants off him.

Chemistry was the highlight of my week. I did my makeup before every lesson. Not that I thought it would make any difference; he was a teacher, way out of my league, and he was married to a gorgeous Australian. I would have loved to get in on that, but I never thought he would be interested in me. I just didn’t want him to think I was an ugly bastard.

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m your classic awkward teenager. I’m pale and freckly with brown eyes and red hair. I also have braces. Naturally. I am also one of the single most socially retarded people you will ever meet, and I never feel quite secure unless I’m wearing a pink bowler hat, skinny jeans and converses.

I also find it impossible to act normal around people who are fit. And he was fit times a million, so it’s a wonder I hadn’t done anything really embarrassing in his classes yet.

Everyone knew I fancied him; I was there at any extra session, I was constantly being caught staring at him, I noticed when he’d had a haircut, and my friends weren’t exactly subtle about my crush on him.

Which brings me to introduce Kat.

I sat next to Kat in all my science classes. Not because there was ever a seating plan, but because we chose to sit together. She was one of the first friends I made at that school.

But she kind of made it her mission in life to embarrass me beyond belief at any moment possible.

So as the whole ‘no we won’t watch a film with you because we won’t be here’ thing was unfolding, she was watching me kill each person in my head slowly and painfully. She nudged me, and I took my head out of my hands and looked her in the eye. She nodded her head in their direction and mouthed, ‘Gutted?’

I nodded. ‘I’d kill to sit in the dark with him. Seriously. Film or no film.’ I whispered conspiratorially.

Oblivious to my teenage torment, Mr O was still laughing with my classmates, ‘So nobody will come in and watch a film with me?’

I whispered in an agonized tone ‘I will.’

Kat, ever the opportunist, took her moment. ‘MERCY WILL!’

I barely had time to wrench my head out of my hands and look casual before all eyes were on me, everybody turning in their chairs and laughing. Mr O was silent, eyes on us while looking adorably confused. Please don’t look puzzled, not now, it’s my greatest weakness, damn you!

Carefully avoiding looking at his face, I laughed along clapping my hands together, trying to imitate someone who is finding something utterly priceless. It was just to fool Mr O; all my classmates knew I fancied him. I frankly didn’t care that they knew. But he couldn’t. There is nothing that makes me want to shrivel up and die, more than awkwardness with someone I find attractive. It is THE worst thing ever.

My problem is that I can’t act casual in those situations. With my colouring, any slight thing makes me blush. It’s extremely obvious and highly annoying.

So I was sitting there like a tomato and Kat was weeing herself laughing, along with most of the class. I was still pretending to laugh along (though I eventually stopped clapping because I realised I looked like a retarded seal) though in my head I’d already thrown Kat and myself off the cliffs of Dover into the Channel about sixty times.

Eventually, after what felt like hours but was probably less than a minute, the bell went. I had never gotten out of there so quickly.

If he didn’t know before, he knew now.

The words ‘oh shit’ had gained a whole new meaning.


Coming soon - Chapter 2: In (Fake) Confidence

The End

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