Sins of DrellaMature

In 17th century England, the value of a woman is based solely on her ability to conceive & be delivered of a healthy heir. This story follows Lady Drella Lisdale as she fights to keep her place at her husband's side despite attempts by her sister-in laws to dissolve her marriage & keep her from giving birth to the Lisdale heir.

Lady Drella Lisdale smoothed out the panniers at the side of her dress and pressed a hand to the stiff boned front of her corset over her abdomen as if to calm the butterflies that felt as though they beat inside her. 

Andrew was back for only 2 months before he next had to leave on business, she had missed him so terribly while he was gone; and after tonight, God willing, there might be a child growing in her belly to fill her deepest desire.

Glancing at her slim waist in the mirror as she’d gotten dressed for the banquet earlier she couldn’t help herself from imagining, as she often did, that a child grew beneath the caress of her fingertips. Looking beyond the mirror she saw herself swollen and heavy with child, large and tired but gloriously happy as she awaited the birth of her baby.

 In her mind’s eye she saw Andrew kneeling down at her bedside as he kissed her, all the while looking down in awe at the beautiful squalling infant that only moments before had been in her womb. He would gaze into her tired eyes and press his lips to her forehead as he cupped the baby’s head with his own large hand and tell her that she was amazing, that she’d never been more beautiful and how deeply and truly madly he was in love with her, thanking her for the tiny precious gift she held to her breast.

A sharp cackle of laughter brought her back to the present and increasing her pace to avoid its maker. So caught up in avoiding the sound, she hurried around the corner without looking where she was going and crashed into the broad chest of her husband, who was just arriving home.

“Eager to see me, my lady?” he teased as he took her into his arms. As soon as Drella felt the strength of his arms encircle her she melted into him, closing her eyes momentarily in bliss at his touch.

“I’ve missed you so, Andrew-” he cut her off as he pressed his lips to hers fiercely, plundering her mouth for his own.

Breaking away for a moment, and leaving her chest heaving with emotion and her cheeks flushed and rosy with sudden desire, he held her at arms length, eyeing her body as if seeing it for the first time. “Have there been any changes since my last return home?” He nodded towards her belly, not knowing it for empty.

Drella’s eyes dimmed before growing bright with unshed tears and she dipped her head as if in shame or apology. “No, my Lord…”

He took her into his arms once more and kissed her forehead. “Ah, never mind pet…it will happen in its own good time, God willing. And we’ll have all the more pleasure trying, eh?”

The source of the cackling had caught up to her, and her husband’s sisters appeared from around the corner – instantly flocking around him like a gaggle of geese or chickens and pushing Drella out of the way in their attempts to gain Andrew’s attentions.


That night as the couple lay in bed, languid and fully pleasured Andrew rolled over on his stomach and began to worship her body once more with his mouth, punctuating his speech with tender kisses. “I hope very much I’ve made you pregnant, Drella. Imagine…our son or daughter filling this flat belly...that will take suck from these paragons of bliss that before then belonged only to me.” He smiled widely as he lay his palm over her soft, pale abdomen, and pressed his lips in turn to each of the twin swells she arched towards him in need,  sending stirrings anew in her core.

“So you won’t be upset if the baby, if there is a baby at all, is a girl?”

“Upset? Never, Drella…Knowing you ripe and bursting with my seed and the birth of a healthy babe is all I could ask for.”

“I-I’m so much older, Andrew, what if I can’t bear you a child? – what use will I have for you then.  If I was ten years younger or more…but already I am reaching eight and thirty. I look at the ladies in the courts, so young and fresh and beautiful – and beside them I feel so old and barren and haggard.” Her voice lowered to a soft whisper, “and I’m terrified that I’ll lose you to one of them.”

“The only way you’ll lose me is if you lose yourself – the Drella I fell in love with. Strong willed and fearless, proud, elegant – it’s as if you’ve bewitched me, my love. Indeed, my sisters think you have!”He laughed at the suggestion, returning his head to the curves of her body so that he didn't notice the flash of fear in his wife's eyes.

Running her hands freely down the musculature of his back, Drella opened herself to him once more whispering, “give me a child, Andrew” and with the thrust of his hips he complied.


The End

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