the journey begins

about a boy who starts his journey with piplup

this is it, the start of a brand new journey, the big decision of my life, its 3:52 am and i cant even sleep, im just too excited.

My mum woke me up and 9:30 am and told me it was time, i rushed to get changed and ran towards to lab forgetting about my breakfast, i couldn't believe it, i was the first there so i got to decide on my starter pokemon first!

it was tough, fire grass or water, chimchar, turtwig or piplup, i knew it was one of those moments, you pick one but you dont get the other two so i decided to do a blind pick, i placed one hand over my eyes and with they other i picked my partner. Piplup. my new best friend and my journey companion is now piplup, i knew from the way we looked at each other that we would be best friends.

The End

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