Aussie PeelbackMature

John waited for Kevin to pass through the doorway and followed him down the stairs. When they got to the exit, he peered out across the street to see that Bobby had pulled back to avoid being exposed to the south. They made eye contact briefly and John nodded to Bobby signaling him across. He waited for Bobby's weapon to start pissing rounds before he and Kevin ran across the street.

“Alright, is that everyone?” John asked, making a quick headcount as Bobby's weapon continued harassing anyone who might be at the mouth of the intersection. All were present. “Let's move, aussie peelback. Kevin, you know what to do.”

Kevin nodded, having just reloaded, he tapped Bobby on the shoulder and they traded positions.

Bobby ran behind the group as he reloaded, passing everyone until taking up another firing position behind a burned out car.

Kevin fired a few bursts and then began making his way past the group.

The first person he passed was Amanda, who emptied a magazine toward the mouth of the intersection before she too made her way back.

Michael was next, and he had seen enough of what was going on to know what he was supposed to do. When Amanda passed him, he thumbed the safety of his weapon and fired the first live rounds since the day Robertson died. The rifle kicked in his shoulder and he stopped his burst out of surprise.

“The whole mag Michael,” someone had said, he wasn't sure who it was because he had continued firing before they finished their sentence. When the bolt locked itself into the rear position, he got up from the kneeling and ran backward.

The team continued this for the entire city block until they turned the corner. They made some distance before regrouping in what was once a coin-laundry.

John was breathing hard when he got the group together; all but two who were on security. “Ammo and casualties people.”

Everyone started barking out numbers followed by “Ok.” until Bobby said, “Three boxes and frag to the left shoulder.”

“What?” John asked.

“I was getting the hell out of dodge when a grenade went off in the street. Felt a pinch on my left side. I guess some of it went through the unarmored joint or something. I don't know, but at first I thought I'd just shrug it off.” Bobby's pale face said most of it. “But that's not going to happen, it's hurting and leaking pretty bad.”

John smirked, “You can thank Kevin for that, it was his 'nade. Syri, take a look at it, let me know how bad it is.”

Syri nodded and made her way across the room to Bobby while she let her bag off her back.

“Bomb up and get ready, we're moving out as soon as Syri patches up Bobby's arm.”

Kevin looked back from his position near a window. “Sorry buddy, didn't mean to tag you.”

“That's fine Kevin, but that's a slap.”

“Fair deal,” Kevin said, returning his attention to the road.

“Heh, I'll enjoy that slap,” Bobby said as Syri peeled the sleeve of the jumpsuit back from over his shoulder. “Ugh, that doesn't feel good.”

“I'm going to have to stitch you up right here Bobby, you alright with that?”

“Fuck no, but I don't think I have much choice do I?”

“Nope, not really,” she said taking some surgical gloves from her bag. “I'm not going to sugar coat it Robert, this is going to hurt like hell.”

“Thanks Syri, your words make me feel so much calmer.”

Michael watched Bobby's face contort as Syri started the first stitch on the gash just above his shoulder blade.

Bobby held his breath, small crackles of air bursting through as he forced his muscles to try and deal with the pain. When Syri pulled the suture through, the pain subsided slightly and he exhaled with relief. “Holy hell,” he said, his pale face dripping with sweat as he gasped for air.

“Buck up, that's just the first one.”

The End

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