Racking Actions, Pulling PinsMature

Bobby's hands went to work with the speed and precision of a hardened soldier. Each step rang out in a practiced cadence. First the zip of the rounds being pulled from the box, followed by the clacking of them shoved against the feed tray and then the forceful smash of the cover slamming shut. All of this punctuated with the satisfying 'chi-chunk' of the action as it was pulled back. He nearly leaped sideways on to his gut, the weapon bouncing on its bi-pod before erupting a spray of bullets that hissed down the street. “Move!” he yelled over his own weapon.

John peeled away, reloading as he did so. “Come on,” he yelled as he passed the others.

The group followed, turning the corner.

John stopped again, waving the others to pass him. “Bobby, move it.”

Bobby got up as rounds from John's rifle snapped past him. He ran as near to the wall of the building as he could until turning the corner.

“Take my position, I'm going to get Kevin.”

Bobby got back down at the corner and continued firing as John rushed across the foot of the “T” intersection to the building where Kevin was providing overwatch. He raced up the stairs and turned into the corridor when a flurry of bullets impacted against the wall next to him, having come through the doorway of the room where Kevin was situated. John crouched and peered around the corner.

Kevin was laying with his back against the wall when another burst came through the window just above his head and littered the ceiling of the room with holes. “Hey boss, how're you doing?”

“You alright?”

“Yeah, I'm fine,” he said, removing the pin from a grenade. “They're crossing the street.” He said, tossing it over his shoulder and out the window.

As if to confirm this, John heard the others opening fire. He worried about Bobby, who would have his back toward the enemy if they were crossing the southern side of the “T” intersection.

“Come on we're pulling out.”

“Alright,” Kevin said, “Just another second or two.”

They both felt the thud in their chests as the grenade went off.

Kevin stood as quickly as he could and brought his weapon to the shoulder, wildly spraying the remainder of his box at the people in the street, disoriented from the blast of the grenade. The burst wasn't meant to kill anyone, but to strike enough fear into their beings to give the team the distance they needed to break contact.

John watched as the weapon spewed link and empty casings until finally, the thing ran out.

“Okay, let's go,” Kevin said, his demeanor all too calm for the situation.

The End

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