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John brought his weapon to the shoulder as the lip of the rear loading bay became visible at the top of the elevator. “Get on your gut,” he said as he went prone.

Michael obeyed and they waited for the elevator to slow and stop.

A ragged man stood before them, his eyes having just left the elevator as he assumed it carried no occupants. He had just realized the two of them were laying on the elevator floor when John's rifle burped a burst of automatic fire.

Michael watched, horror in his eyes, as the man's neck and head cratered open. White fatty tissue bubbled out from beneath the flesh of his throat. Purple clumps of gray matter bounced on the concrete floor alongside pale shards of his demolished skull. The body collapsed in convulsions to the ground.

“Jesus Christ,” Michael muttered, his stomach reeling at the sight.

“Be quiet,” John said as he crouched, walked over to the elevator pad and slapped the button once more. The elevator began rising again while John returned to the prone position, this time facing the westerly exit that would reveal the cargo bay they'd entered the elevator from.

When they reached the next level, Zoe spun around. “John! Thank god, we've got trouble.”

“Yup, let's start getting our asses out of here. What's the situation?”

“We started getting hit from the north side, then fire came from the south as well. Kevin from across the street said he saw someone come in behind our building, but I think I just heard you take care of that,” she said.

“I did.”

“Kevin fired a few M72's from the window he's in.”

“M72's?” Michael asked.

“Rocket launchers. It's what we heard from down below. Where's Amanda?”

“She's just ahead.”

“Let's go.”

The three moved up and met Amanda near the ramp. Without speaking they continued down to where Brian was in the doorway.

“Damn it's good to see you,” he said as another burst of automatic fire belched out of Bobby's LMG. “We're good to go when you are.”

John nodded, “I'll signal to Kevin, you let Bobby know that we're crossing.”

The five exited the doorway but remained near the building as Brian yelled to Bobby.

John made eye contact with Kevin in the second story window above and signaled him.

The two machine guns began bursting.

“Let's go,” John yelled over the weapon's fire, running across the street. He was still running across the street when he noticed Samantha with her handset against her ear. "Call it in!" John yelled.

She nodded, her mouth in the midst of letting the control point know they were in contact with an enemy force.

When they all reached the other side, John knelt and began firing bursts to the north.

Bobby knew this was his queue and he got up, muscling the machine gun to remain at the ready as he did so and continued firing bursts down the street until his belt ran empty. He popped the feed cover as he ran across the open road, un-clipping the empty box and letting it drop from the weapon before fumbling with the fresh box that was rattling on his hip. He took a knee when he got to the other side. “Micheal, ammo!”

Michael rushed over and slung his weapon behind his back. He knelt and began wrestling with the box as it stubbornly caught on to the seams of the load bearing vest's pocket. “It's fucking stuck.”

“I don't need excuses Micheal I need ammo, now!”

The snap of incoming rounds rattled the both of them as they dropped to the ground.

“Hurry the fuck up!”

With Bobby nearly laying on him, he ripped the ammo box from the pouch, “Got it.” Micheal grasped Bobby's hand and helped him up while he passed him the box. It found itself clipped into the weapon immediately.

The End

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