The Begging QuestionMature

Though it did take several hours to make it to the road, the trek didn't feel all that long to Micheal. Whether that was due to his own internal machinations or the fact that he was a sleep deprived zombie simply putting one foot in front of the other, was unknown to him.

John stopped them a few hundred meters shy of the road and moved in solo to take a look. He came back a dozen minutes later with nothing to report. Together, they decided that waiting here until they heard a vehicle would be the best course of action, and after sending a radio signal to get their allies attention, they each tried in their own way to get comfortable and wait.

Michael was plucking grass from the ground when Andrea shuffled a little bit closer to him. He looked over to her, and found that she was staring directly into his eyes. “What?”

“Nothing, just still in disbelief that I'm actually lying here next to you,” she said, looking down to pick at the grass herself. “They thought I was crazy, that you didn't exist.”

“Well, I didn't really. Not until a few days ago.”

“You did, you just weren't here yet.”

“Which begs the question, where was I?”

Andrea laughed. “That you'll have to ask to Harvey, he's our resident physicist. He's the one who helped calculate your most likely location of transition.”

“Really? Sounds like a smart guy.”

“He's also the one who figured out a way to 'listen' for when you would get here. The math is all good and dandy, but he knew it was impossible to pinpoint anything considering the complexities of time travel.”

“The complexities of time travel,” Michael repeated, squinting at the sun as it continued it's trek westward. “I don't think I've ever considered them.”

“Yeah, well,” Andrea said, plucking more grass. “It's not like you could have, being wiped every time and all.”

Michael frowned. “You know about that?”

“Yeah,” Andrea said, smiling at him. “We know quite a bit about you actually.”

“Who figured all this out?” Michael asked, but before he could get an answer out of her Andrea's attention was pulled elsewhere.

John was getting into a low profile position and readying his weapon.

“Hold on a minute,” She said to Michael, dropping the grass she'd plucked as she crawled over to John. “What's going on?”

“There's a vehicle coming.”

“Good, it's probably them.”

“Let's hope so.”

Micheal too, made his way to their side and was peering over a small butt in the grass. “Is that a minivan?”

“That is,” John said matter-of-factly. “Why, do you have an objection to minivans?”

“Well it won't do much for your man-points that's for sure.”

Andrea grinned. “Didn't you know? Socker moms pick up their kids packing heat in the future.”

Micheal mustered a quiet laugh. “Don't kid yourself, some did in the past too.”

Andrea shook her head, and returned her gaze to the road. “That's them alright. We should make our way down.”

“Let's go,” said John, taking point on the way down the grassy hill toward the road.

The End

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