Tough CrowdMature

Michael sighed. He knew that pushing the throttle to its limits was going to have some interesting side effects, he just didn't imagine it would send him seventy two years into the future. Suddenly, as though floodgates had opened, a plethora of questions began popping up all over his consciousness. He looked up to Andrea with a worry on his face and said, “I need a drink.”

“Well it's going to have to wait,” said John. “We need to get moving.”

“He's right. We aren't the only people out here looking for you. There are far less friendly people on their way.”

Michael got to his feet. “Considering the welcome you two gave me, far less friendly sounds like the 'shoot first ask questions later' type.”

“That would be about right,” said John, scanning the ravine below.

Michael brushed off his jumpsuit and was tucking his blousings back into his boots when he spoke. “So what's the plan Andy?”

Andrea squinted in annoyance. “We're going to walk Michael. Is that good with you?” she said with sarcasm resonating from her words.

“Oh yeah, that's just fine. Not like I'm starving and dehydrated or anything. You know, you two interrupted what was looking to be a pretty delicious snack.”

“I'm sure we did,” said John, his voice holding a hint that he was becoming tiresome of this man's drivel.

Andrea turned and began walking. “Time to go,” she said.

Michael grunted as he stood up straight for the first time since the fight had ended. As he passed John, he felt something strike him in the gut. He sighed and looked down. There in John's white knuckle grip was a pistol. Michael looked into John's steel blue eyes, then back to the pistol.

“You're going to need it,” he said. “Point it at me though, even as a joke, and you'll leave me with the unfortunate task of explaining to Andrea why her precious time traveler has a few too many holes in his head.”

Michael took the pistol and began to walk away. “Thanks champ,” he said turning around and lazily pointing the pistol in John's direction as he spoke. “But if your girlfriend hadn't been here I would have choked you until your beady little eyes popped out of that Neanderthal skull of yours like the testicles dropping out of a pubescent teen.” He then turned and faced his direction of travel with no retort from John. “So remember that,” he said, ensuring he had the last word.

John fumed in the rear so much so that he waited for the other two to nearly be at the top of the hill before he started to make his way in their direction. Having followed him directly after that insult would have surely meant that his apologies to Andrea would have come far sooner than anticipated.

The three crested the hill as the sun began setting on the horizon beyond. A chill breeze at their backs warned that the company was not the only thing about to be bitter that night.

The End

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