Consume MeMature

A man in uniform came through the door. “Doctor Smalldridge.”

“Ah, Colonel, how are you?”

“What happened with debriefing him?”

“I'm sorry, I don't quite -”

The Colonel interjected. “I saw the lights dim, I know you fried his head again. Why didn't you tell me? The plan was to debrief him. Now it's all gone.”

“I couldn't risk it. He was regaining memories. We might as well start over at that point.”

“You're too paranoid, he's not going to go out and win the lottery for himself.”

“That's always a possibility, among far worse scenarios. We're dealing with a trained soldier here, who has access to the most sensitive information in the world. Behavioral treatment is a necessity if we want this project to stay on its feet. If he got his memory back, he would be too great a liability.”

The Colonel frowned. “This project is consuming you.”

“The Horizon project is my life's work.”

“Worse yet,” The Colonel continued, ignoring the Doctor. “It's consuming him,” he said, pointing to Michael. “That man is as good as dead at this point. He didn't volunteer for this Doctor Smalldridge. He volunteered to make a difference, not to be a zombie. He lost everything for you. He lost Cassandra, he lost his freedom. When does he get it back?”

Doctor Smalldridge sighed. “Never.”

“No. If that's the case I don't think I can support this anymore. I want him released.”

“We have one more sortie scheduled. We can't stop it now.”

The Colonel looked at the team. “Then after this last one, he's released. Understood?”

“Perfectly Colonel.”

As soon as the man left the room, Smalldridge turned to his team. “Alright, why are you all standing around? Let's get him suited up.”

The End

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