Singles and Doubles

Lucette opened the door and smiled up at her friend Nadine. She seemed taller than her 5'-9".

"Come in, Come in," she ushered."My don't you look fantastic!! All this for me? You know it's just a Barbeque ."

Lucette took in Nadine's ruffled skirt, form fitting top, intricate shawl and 4 inch wedges. The effect  was lovely and spoke of care and attention to detail. Nadine  was always well put together but it was clear that she had made a special effort. Lucette looked down at her floral smock, comfortable capri pants and bare feet and waited for an explanation.

"Oh no" Nadine replied running her hand  through shoulder length locks. I was out in town like this." Then she conceded. " Well I thought I would take Anna's advice, and start dressing like I was about to meet the love of my life, even if I'm just on my way to the supermarket".

"Ohh Baby, I'm sure if Mr. Right was here, he would be unable to resist you!...pity it's just me and  Mike. Lucette took her friends arm and escorted her in to the living room. " Oh wait, I think Mike asked a couple of his friends, I heard him on the phone earlier. Maybe one among them may catch your eye." Lucette dimpled mischievously.

Nadine ignored her and sat daintily on the leather sofa. Lucette disappeared to fulfil Nadine's drink order, momentarily leaving her friend alone.

Nadine was one of those bright intelligent women who love hadn't found and on the brink of a 34th birthday found herself growing more and more anxious as dreams of station wagons and babies seemed ever more tenuous and further from her grasp.

"So when are your brothers friends scheduled to arrive!!" bellowed Nadine

"Whaaat?!!" answered Lucette from deep in the heart of the kitchen cum  conservatory.

Hmmprh...if they are anything like Michel, they'll be late,  very late, if they show up at all!" Nadine muttered to herself

Lucette appeared with Nadine's soft drink.

"So where is Michel,  I mean Mike?

Michel saved Lucette from a response by emerging, sleek, freshly showered and shaved , a towering hulk of teddy bear masculinity.

He greeted Nadine warmly. She had been a good friend to his sister Lucette, though he often wondered why the  two had been such good friends for so long. Their relationship spanned well over 20 years from childhood, though the two were polar opposites in some respects and completely complimentary in others. Flavour and Substance, Pragmatic practicality and Joyful frivolity.

He gave his short curvaceous sister an affectionate squeeze resting his chin on the top her head as usual.

"Lars is picking me up in five. "

"But Mike...."

" I won't be long. Is there any thing you want from the shop?"

"If you could get Nadine a bottle of red wine please. We only have white and you know she doesn't drink white"

With Michel gone, Lucette plonked herself down on the sofa next to Nadine. Time  for a little quality face time.

"So... how are things at work?" Lucette proffered Dorito's, (the ribs on the grill would take a while).

" You remember that guy at work I was telling you about?"

"Uh huh.."

"Well it won't work out. I asked him to recommend a must see site in his home town, and he told me to get a guide book!, Can you imagine? I would have preferred if he'd just said he didn't know the town all that well, or he hasn't been back in years , but to tell me to get a guide book. Of course I'd get a guide book, how insulting.

Lucette absorbed the information all eyes and nodded sagely.

"Ok, so another one bites the dust. "

Crunch, Lucette bit into a pickle.  Nadine stood up and started pacing. Lucette watched her saying nothing. She downed an olive and sipped her white wine expectantly.

"I have joined an internet dating site. My mother nearly died when I told her but Carlene's already been on two dates with someone she met on line."

The End

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