Singing Angel

I'm convinced you're an angel. Actually, I'm quite sure you're more than that. I believe you to be something perfect and untouchable, and a metaphor of the future. 

 I was holding the boy I loved, at the moment's breaking moment when he would leave for his destination. He was so close, and his breath was too sweet, and his arm across my back keeping me within his grasp. It was bittersweet to know something so perfect was about to end so soon. The world was a grey place then rushed warm with your sweet voice washing over everything. Your melodic tune captured words of promise, carrying over the air so neither of us needed to say a word. Our eyes said all, chemistry quaking and shivering with pent up passion.I smiled in the irony when the he held close, pulled me tighter as his train whisked away his empty seat, and he stayed for me. You gave everything a dreamy hue. It all played from a story book, a perfect fairy tale, a happy ending.  Your voice flooded my mind with worlds of lust, and want, and love. He stayed. He whispered love down my neck and breathed forbidden kisses, and love never tasted so good.

Time passed, and our bodies melted away into distance. You disappeared into the unknown, and I stayed knowing you would be on my mind tinkling hymms of magic. If I didn't believe in fate then, I would now. You came from the gods, you completed my life with the mostdesired love, you set the scene to a perfect love story. 

And so I thank you. I walked away, and you called after me. I threw my hands to the heavens where you came from and I told you you were prefect. I chocked up. Tears flooded my words. Speechless, I pulled my hands to my heart, trying to tell you that you had given me the key to my happiness. You would never know how much I will forever worship that flawless fragance of tune through my head giving me all I ever wanted. You giggled a magical love that only comes from a true believer. You knew all I had to tell you. I hope you find all you've ever desired as well. The gods know you deserve it.

The End

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