Sing, For You're Life


The girl looked around at the anxious faces waiting for her to open her mouth and let her heart pour out.

It smelled of rust and coal, they were definately in a stadium that hadn't been used for quite some time.

She didn't want to die, but her voice hadn't sung in years. She didn't know if her singing had died, or if it had hung for all this time.

"WILL YOU SING OR WILL YOU DIE?" the loud voice boomed over the speaker.

The girl thought about it for a moment, then in her squeaky voice replied, "I will sing."

She began to sing a melody so complicated not even an oparah singer could match the girls.

The girl was happy that her voice had not died, for if it did she would never see her family again.

These people pulled her from her family and put her in this gross stadium. When they put her in the stadium, no one was there, that she saw.

A persona cam out of the shadows and asked here if she'd like to sing or die. The girl had not replied, she had not sung in years. The persona got very mad at her, and called the people to fill the seats. Now she made the decision to sing she did. Her voice was beautiful and the person that took her was going to keep her for entertainment.

The End

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