Barbeque (2/2)Mature

“Hey.” Ella laughed. Her voice was smooth and silky. “So, you’re the new kid. Daniel, right?” She pushed her long blonde hair behind her ear and reached for her drink which was on the grass beside her chair. She drank slowly. Danny watched her eagerly.

“So, when did you all get here? I was right on time; did all of you get here early?” He asked Ella. She shook her head and the sudden smell of smoke filled the air.

“No. Joseph organized this barbie the moment he found out you were coming. He told all of us to be here half an hour earlier than you.” She said casually. Danny raised his eyebrows.

“That's, er, that's a little creepy.” He chuckled uncertainly. She chuckled and put her drink back on the ground.

“So, where do you come from? What's your back-story?” Oh she had to ask that, didn’t she? Danny knew he couldn’t tell her all of it. He smiled sweetly.

“I’m originally from London, to be more specific, the South. I worked in a shop which I ran with a friend.” Danny said, confident of his lies.

“Cool. Was this friend a girl?” She looked up at him and winked.

“Yeah. Yeah, she was. We aren’t in touch anymore.” He twisted himself so he wasn’t facing her anymore, he was facing the barbeque, which was now blazing fire.

“Oh. Sorry about that.” Ella said patting his shoulder which was less than comforting.

“It’s okay... How long have you lived here?” Danny changed the subject and sat up properly.

“All my life, but I can’t move out because of money and shit. Why do you think I would be in this shit-hole if I could go somewhere?” She laughed again, she sounded like bells ringing over and over; it was calming. Seeing Danny’s facial expression she added. “But don’t worry. It’s not really a shit-hole here!”

Danny saw the lie instantly. Her pupils dilated in her warm blue eyes. He breathed out heavily and shook his head.

“Sorry.” Ella wasn’t sure what to say. She could see his face and thought that clearly she must’ve done something wrong.

“It’s not your fault.” Danny said, slapping himself on the face. He was tired and couldn’t be bothered to put on a facade, but he must, he reminded himself.

“Hey, look. Someone else is here.” Ella's small smile faltered quickly. “That is Connie, proper slut. Don’t bother even talking to her. She’s such a bitch.” He looked from Ella to a new girl who looked even younger than Danny. She was wearing a really short miniskirt. Danny could see her knickers almost, but one thing he could definitely see was her breasts. She was wearing on her top half a very revealing vest type top. He was disgusted. Danny hated girls like that. Liable to cheating, sure to break your heart, not that he hadn’t done some fair bit of breaking in his time.

The End

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