Barbeque (1/2)Mature

Danny wondered around his literally empty house slowly, thinking what do to. Maybe it was better the lorry had got lost. It would rid all evidence of his past. He had tried to take as little as possible with him as he didn’t want anyone finding out.

He sat down on the polished wood floor of the kitchen where a single oven was. Danny couldn’t be sure it even worked, so left it be. What would he cook anyway? He had no food and only a few bucks in his pockets. He looked around once again. A strong beam of light cast across the floor from the small window with no curtains in the corner, it must’ve been getting darker from the angle the light was at.

Danny checked his watch and sighed. Should he go to the barbeque? What if he let something slip? No. He hadn’t been careful about keeping his secrets before but he knew now the consequences, he must not let anyone know. He would tell the truth, but not too much of it. Just enough to show its believable. He might as well let his neighbours know him for a nice person who is sociable and cheerful, other than his real self.

He would put on an act tonight: answering any and all questions, maybe with lies, ask people about themselves when he really didn’t care and helping in any way he can. Maybe they would like him. He’d have to live in hope for the time being.

Suddenly it was time to go. Danny collected his leather jacket from the floor and put it around himself and left the house, not bothering to lock it as there would be nothing to steal. He strolled lazily down the driveway and down the path to the next house, where, sure enough, he could already hear laughter. Before entering the front garden of Joseph and Ollie’s, Danny ran a hand through his hair, put on a smile and shook himself all over, like a dog. He then entered.

“Hey! Its our neighbour! Hey, neighbour!” Joseph greeted him enthusiastically. Danny realised he hadn’t given his name to these people. He desperately hoped Joseph wouldn’t keep calling him “neighbour”.

“Hey, Joseph. I never told you my name, it’s Daniel.” Danny said, he hated being called anything other than Daniel by strangers.

“Okay, Dan!” Joseph looked like a little girl excited for Christmas. He clapped his hands together and pushed Danny towards the other people who were already sitting in weird plastic chairs around a small barbeque.

“I’d prefer you call me Daniel.” Danny’s smile grew falsely. Joseph’s eyebrows furrowed together for a moment then he nodded.

“Daniel, this is Anthony,” Joseph pointed towards a rather old man asleep in a chair, “Alec, he’s Anthony’s brother, Alec looks after Anthony.” A young man was sitting next to Anthony who waved cheerfully. “You know my wife, Ollie, and this is Ella. We are expecting much more people.” Danny stared at Ella. Her eyes flashed golden at him and she smirked at his expression. His mouth was wide open and he suddenly shut it and broke his stare. He shook his head. She laughed and patted an empty seat next to her. Danny sat down.


The End

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