A fairly old lorry trundled cautiously down the windy country road. The trees surrounding bent down their branches to scrape the roof of the cab as if to say “stay away”. The driver took no notice of the trees and stayed in the middle of the road which was just big enough to let the lorry down. He could hear the contents of the lorry sliding around in the back as the lorry bearing “We move house with you” was shaken side to side from the strong gust of wind. He wondered for a moment why there hadn’t been much stuff to take. The owner could have moved it in his own car.

The driver forgot about it as a rabbit jumped out in front of him, causing him to screech to a stop. His breathing grew faster as he thought about what he had just done. He climbed out slowly and looked under the front wheels. Sure enough, there was what could resemble a rabbit if you put the pieces back together. He put a hand to his mouth and decided to carry on. He couldn’t change what he had done. He drove quickly down the road now... too quickly.

Turning a sharp corner, he realised what was happening before it did. The contents banged into the left side of the lorry as it tipped over into a small, bushy hedge. The driver desperately tried to turn the wheel left and right in hope of gaining control again. No such luck. His second thought was to get out of the lorry, but the outdated doors had locked themselves again and they wouldn’t budge.

The whole thing seemed to go in slow motion as it tipped over the hedge and rolled over and over, tumbling through the field the hedge was guarding. The drivers last thought as the roof came down on him was if anyone would find him in this lone field. There were no houses of any sort in sight and the owner of the contents in the lorry had gone a different way, this was supposedly a short-cut. He rolled, unconsciously into a large ditch with the lorry which was hidden from view from the road.

Maybe no one would ever  know what happened.

The End

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