Sincerely Cupid

Anastasia is a girl who held on to her past, never wanting to move on. However, fate doesn't allow her to continue like that with her life. Now, she'll meet the guy who was a big part of her past that she's unwilling to let go. Will fate succeed and have Anastasia finally embrace the past and move forward, or will Anastasia keep holding on to the memories. Although, fate already have everything planned, all with a certain boy, but its all up to Anastasia to determine her future.

Chapter one

In everybody's heart, there will be shadows and light within. There will be people you love or loved in your heart, it will be filled with memories and happiness, but, it will also fill with sorrow. It's the same with everybody, no matter how much you say you're different, every human is the same. However, even with the same feelings, people will have different stories, a story that will be so unique to them; they will always remember it, no matter if it’s going to be a happy ending or a sad ending.

This story is about college student called Anastasia. Now, every story has their unique points, and for Anastasia, it lies within a certain boy. They had a bad ending to their once fairytale story, but now, fate seems to have had enough, and the shy Anastasia and the bubbly boy that still danced around in Anastasia's heart is able to meet again.

In the end, her choices finally affected her life, no matter what happens, it doesn't matter if they got back together or not, through pain and happiness, both were able to reach their goal.

I'm one of those first people to get to see this story unravel, and I'm going to tell it to the world. It might affect you, it might not, but it has affected the shy girl and bubbly guy.

Sincerely Cupid.


"Anastasia, what are you doing?"

"Hm? What is it Grace?" I asked, broken from the staring contest I was having with the view, still deep in thought.

"You've been staring off into space again."

"Hah, yeah right"

"Don’t lie Anastasia." Grace said flatly, “You know the first step to admitting the truth is in denial.”

"Well, I'm not in denial."

"Are we really going to have this argument again?"

"Yes, unless you agree with me that I’m not staring off into space."

Grace gave me a glare but did not resume arguing with me, because from the years of our friendship, she knew she could never win an argument with me. Although, I know she realizes that I’m thinking about my past again. I guess that’s what I usually think about every day I stare off into space.

“Anastasia, are you ever going to move on?” Grace asked, concern was the only emotion I can see on her face. “I will, soon.” I answered, but even then she can tell I’m lying. “Huh, yeah right, Anastasia, you and Amy are the same. You guys suck at lying” Oh, I forgot to mention, that besides Grace, I have another best friend called Amy, which are the only closest friends I have. We’ve all been through the worst and best moments of our lives, but in the end, we still stuck with each other.

Both of them always worry about me because staring off into space has become a habit of mine, and I still didn’t talk to them about what happened.

“Well, text me if you have anything okay? I have to go to work now.” Grace said to me, and I bid her farewell as I continued to stare out into space. Grace was right, well, she’s always right when it comes to my feelings. Even though we’re all close friends, me, Grace, and Amy, only Grace truly understands my feelings, sometimes even faster and better than me.

My thoughts always have to do with one thing when I stare off into space; it’s about that one year that I can never move on from. It’s been so long, but I can’t forget about it, I want to, but, I just never can.

I snapped out of my staring contest with the air when I heard a buzzing sound. I looked around confused until I realized it was my phone.

“Crap, where’s my phone?” I rummaged through my stuff, trying hard looking for my lost phone, until I find it under the many blankets in my room.

“Hello?” I answered.

“Hey Anastasia.”

“Oh hey Grace, what’s up?” I thought you’re at work?”

“I am, but dude, come over, I have to show you something.”

“What is it?’” Curiosity filled me as I wondered what Grace wanted to show me.

“Just come over, Hurry.” She screamed through the phone. Gosh, I think I’ll go deaf because of her. I told her I’ll be there soon and hung up. I took a shower quickly, changed, and went off to find out what is it that she wanted to show me.

When I got to her work place, I was rushing through the entrance when I skidded to a stop. I stood shocked, because in front of me stood a guy I thought I would never see again, a guy that has been in my thoughts for the past years. Kayne was standing there, looking just as shocked as me, I tried to walk away, but since I’m awkward, a klutz, and obviously a failed ninja, he watched amused as I turned around, and banged right against the door.

Embarrassed I turned around, “Oh, hey Kayne, haven’t seen you in a while” I said, nervously. Wait, why am I so shy right now? I haven’t been this shy in a long time. Right then, I saw Grace at a distance, trying to spy on what’s happening, I figured Kayne was the thing she wanted to show me.

I gave her my most evil glare as she pointed to her cheeks. After many years of that gesture, I knew that not only is my shyness showing, but my cheeks are turning bright red.

“Hey Anastasia, yeah, it’s been a while.” He awkwardly said, not like the usual bubbly self he is.

We fell into an awkward silence, not knowing what to talk about. I got nothing, and it seemed like neither did Kayne. Then, I blurted out the first thing that popped up in my brain during the most awkward moment I am having right now.


“Wait, what?” Kayne looked at my weirdly. Oh gosh, this couldn’t be any more embarrassing then it already been, but then, Grace came too, running to my rescue when she saw my awkward balloon pose. She quickly joined in and said “AWKWARD TURTLE., no, Awkward palm tree?” Grace and I tried to make the moment less awkward, but I feel like we made it even worse. Blushing really hard by now, I quickly stopped Grace before we embarrassed ourselves even more, but then Kayne burst out laughing.

My cheeks got warmer than before as I felt embarrassed making a fool of myself in front of him. Even though, I’m embarrassed, a faint smile appeared on my face, it’s been a while since I’ve been like that. I always embarrass myself in front of him before in school, but, I was happy, until of course our relationship went downhill. Second to that, I’m happy for the fact that maybe he isn’t holding a grudge on me like I thought he’d be.

After a while Grace got back to work because the boss saw her hanging out instead of working and shouted at her to get back to work. Kayne and I fell into another silence, but, thankfully not as awkward as before.

“It’s a surprise to see you her.” I said surprise is an understatement; I was shocked at seeing him here after all these years.

“Yep, I didn’t expect to see you here or Grace either, but it’s great to see you two. You’ve changed you know, you’re more outgoing, even though you still have your blush.” He told me goofily.

“Well, it’s not something I can change now is it” I answered back, “And you changed too, but, you still have your playfulness and outgoingness.”

“Well, “Kayne said hesitantly “What is it?” I asked, curious.

“Is it okay if we go out and hang some day? I want us to get to know each other again and maybe catch up on thing. “Kayne said awkwardly, trying to contain the nervousness, waiting for her answer.

“Sure” I answered back, just as nervous, but glad. “Haven’t seen you so awkward before though,” I teased. He laughed, but then asked for my number. I told him I’ll text him the time and place when I’m free from class and work. “Okay, hey Anastasia, it’s really great to see you again” he agreed, giving me a goofy smile, and then surprised me by giving me a hug.

I stood shocked, but after a while, I slowly raised my arms, and hugged back.

When I hugged, I felt sadness, like waves crashing into me; I composed myself when he released me. He left after he gave me his number, vice versa, and then I went to Grace. She smiled excitedly, but when she saw the sadness in my eyes, she immediately hugged me.

“You miss him don’t you” She asked me softly, I nodded my head slowly, trying to contain the tears from spilling out. “It’ll be okay, Anastasia” Grace said, inside she felt sadness for her friend, she have this feeling that maybe Kayne meeting with Anastasia was fate, that he might help Anastasia move on from the past, and able to move into the future. Grace knew it wouldn’t be easy, but, she also knew that, what happened between them was something that shouldn’t have happened. Grace wasn’t stupid, she knows that deep inside Anastasia, Anastasia still have feelings for Kayne, and when she saw those two interact, she knew that Kayne still have feelings for Anastasia too. She just hoped that Anastasia will allow Kayne to help her finally move on, and maybe be able to discover the feelings hidden inside her.

Her thoughts were cut off when Anastasia talked, “Hey Grace, I have to go now, I’ll text you later okay?”

“Okay Anastasia” Anastasia gave a sad, and weak smile and went home.

On the way home, all my thoughts were about Kayne, I started to listen to music when I finally got home, Kayne still in my head, with thoughts floating around my head. I closed my eyes trying to relax and as the music played on, song by song, I started to see that one year go past again in front of my eyes. And that story that was so important to me, that I can’t let go of all had to do with Kayne.

Now with him back, I have a feeling that my life won’t be as peaceful as before, everything will come back, especially, I thought with horror, my feelings for Kayne.

My mind is so troubled, and then I saw something that's stuck between my papers. I took it out, "my diary" I gasped, unable to comprehend how the book got there. But, as my mind is still troubled, I decided to look inside at what I wrote.

I'll admit, every once in a while, I would look at my diary; I know I know, nobody keeps a diary now days. But I do, so suck it up. It has been a long time since I looked inside though because I threw it somewhere in my room one day, and I never saw it again. Until now.

Anyways, inside, I've written about moments that I want to keep forever, and a part. Or maybe a whole lot was written about the moments with Kayne. I'll admit, we don't have a lot but even though it was short, he somehow changed me.

Everything began when we started a game called Symmachia. Symmachia was a simulation that consists of all the Greek cities, Persian Cities, plus islands such as Crete and Syracuse. It is a simulation, where we were back in the ancient times, of trade and war. There were allies, enemies, trust and betrayals. During the whole simulation, we learned about Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece and more. Alliances fought each other, they gain cities, and they lose cities. The battle goes on, until one alliance remains, as the winner of Symmachia.

This simulation started around January, and by that time, many events has already past. But, even then, I'm not as close to a lot of people, because I’ve always been considered a loner. However, Symmachia bought everybody together.

In our class, Symmachia started with four alliances, Macedonia, Sparta, Athens, and Persia. Everybody got a city to begin with, but the cities aren’t granted to us. We had to earn it by our performances in class. I got Syracuse, which was a second class city.

At first, I always wanted to be in the Spartan alliance, because they were closer to my island, I didn't want them to attack me. However, at that time, I was too cowardly to ask the alliance that was full of boys. Therefore, I went to Persian alliance.

I regret the decision the minute I joined, but I couldn’t do anything. Throughout the beginning, the three leaders of Persian alliance, and the followers including me, had failed to gain any city, and failed in any of the plans we made. The group started to fall apart, and we couldn't do anything to stop it.

Then, a big war broke out, because the other three alliances saw our weakness, they joined together in a temporary alliance, and attacked Persia. We had to defend our big city, but I was reluctant because I wanted to get out of the alliance. But, I stayed, and helped the leaders win their battle. It was seven people against the rest of the class, and shockingly, we won. I was happy for them, but, I made a decision and left.

"Oh hey Kayne and Lance, um, I was wondering if I can join your alliance instead. the Persian alliance isn't working out for me" I asked the two leaders, and was anxiously waiting for their answer. I didn't want to stay in Persian alliance anymore, because, they are too weak to do anything successful.

Lance and Kayne discussed for a while, and they turned to me and said "yes, sure you can Anastasia. Oh and can you deliver a message for me to Angelina? Because she wanted to join to, but tell her that she can't join unless she studies."

"Oh thank you, wait, but she studies." I said confused. I know Angelina studies, so why won't they accept her.

"Just tell her that, and we'll see" Kayne and Lance said, and then they left.

For a couple days, we argued back and forth, and then finally they accepted Angelina in their alliance, but they were quite reluctant though.

At first Kayne and I were awkward around each other, only talked when we need to discuss about plans and such for Symmachia. I mostly only talk with Alex, who I partnered since I joined to attack all the enemy's islands.

It was one after school day that everything changed.

I was walking home after I walked Grace to her house, because I didn't want to go home yet. As I passed one of the neighbor's playgrounds, I saw Kayne there playing basketball. I ignored him, and kept walking, but then he called me to stop.


"Huh? What?"

"Wait for me Anastasia; I want to walk with you."

"Oh um, sure, Kayne" I said, unsure if I said the right thing or not. I was so shy at that time, it was crazy.

Then, we just started talking, just like that. He walked with me, talking about random stuff, and then when we passed the complex, he said bye and went back.

But slowly, I remember, day by day, he would tell me to stop and we would talk again. He would walk with me further and further each day. It was the best feeling for me, because I’m myself, I don't have to act or anything. Then as time went on, I would just wait for me or he would wait for me.

We became good friends, and days just became good.

Then, I remember one day, when we were in front of his house (which I found out was one of the house closest to mine), and he started getting nervous.

"Um, Anastasia, I need to ask you something." Kayne nervously said. He couldn't even look at me in the eye.

"Sure, what is it?" I asked, confused but also curious.

"Well, um do you know, um, Lance's birthday?" he stammered.

"Wait, what?" I laughed. "No, no wait, that's not what I was going to say." Kayne quickly said, getting embarrassed more and more.

Kayne took a deep breath, and looked at me in the eye and said "Anastasia, will you go out with me?"

"I, umm." I stammered. "Oh gosh, now I’m the one nervous.” I said embarrassed.

"Ha-ha, its okay. So, what's the answer?"

"Well, um, can I think about it first?" I asked. "And then I'll tell you."

"Okay." Kayne said with a smile, and then he gave me a big hug and left

I looked at my phone having the urge to reach for it and text Kayne, but I guess I was scared. It was already 10, and I decided to get ready to sleep, not knowing that at the other side, someone too was having the urge to text a certain girl.

Kayne's p.o.v

I was nervous, hell, it's only been a day and I'm acting like a girl. She did say she's texting me, so I shouldn't really text her. Should I?

It'd be nice to be friends with her again. I just hope she can come in terms with something’s about me. I'm not the same person I was before; there are things about me that might get her hurt. I want her, but I don't want to get to close.

Anastasia, are you ready to deal with everything?

The End

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